Saturday at OSH: Fun’s over tomorrow!

I’m living it up today ’cause it all comes to a screeching halt tomorrow! Only a few more hours to see every last airplane on the field and find the many people I really wanted to meet at AirVenture.

Luckily there seem to be a whole lotta people at AirVenture today, the day before most of us head for home. I haven’t heard official attendance numbers but I want it to be a huge financial success for the EAA! It takes a lot of bucks to keep an operation like this afloat.


One of the interesting things about being here is discovering aircraft you’ve only seen in magazines. This Velocity, N18KT, was a work of art with a gorgeous pearlized finish. It’s fast and fuel efficient.

We had a smaller group for our Saturday LLT lunch meet up than Tuesday’s but it gave us a chance to get to know each other a little better.

Two LLT pilots were Julie Hartlaub (Savage Cub dealer and more) and Lorrie Penner (Pawnee tow pilot and more), below.

Girls group pic from today’s lunch!

I was thinking about you Pietenpol girls when I snapped this one. Hummm what airplane to feature on our 2014 flyin tshirts??!!

Night airshow coming up soon. Gonna need a sweatshirt for this one!

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