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Brian Lansburgh from Tailwheel Town is on a roll – figuratively and literally! He kicked off 2015 with a couple of not-to-be missed articles in “The Tailwheeler’s Journal” making me happy I’m on his auto email list. Brian has a way of cutting to the chase and is a very vocal advocate of practicing precision airmanship via flying closer to the edge of the envelope. He’s the antithesis of politically correct, eternally entertaining, and the best part – will be providing tailwheel instruction to the winners of our LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ scholarships.

Check out Brian’s article, “Who is Bob Hoover?” then continue on. His next article is even better!

“I’d discovered a very talented young man and had installed him as our principle tow pilot. This guy was great. Rarely have I had an opportunity to fly with someone as talented. One day I pointed out to him how well I thought he flew. I concluded with the statement, “Yer gonna be the next Bob Hoover!” The young man gave me a blank look and asked, “Who’s Bob Hoover?”

Link to Article:  Who is Bob Hoover?

Next, how do you achieve the precision flying skills necessary to be a safe, competent pilot? Your response to that question just might be full of controversy. Read on!

Link to Article: Why? 

“The folks who worry me most are the ones who are active flyers and who choose to pursue the type of flying they learned at Acme and are convinced that their approach to flying is far safer than our practice of flying closer to the envelope in order to become more proficient.  They accept every piece of misinformation their low-time flight instructors tell them. They never practice what we practice and they will never be able to perform the maneuvers our students are capable of before soloing.  Unfortunately, they often become the ones who teach others to fly.”

Multiple Landings from Tailwheel Town on Vimeo.

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LadiesLoveTaildraggers scholarship applications due midnight February 28, 2015. Brian Lansburgh will be your instructor. Get those applications in very soon!

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