Scariest Video Ever

Well, I really don’t think this is the ‘Scariest Video Ever’ but it is a truly freaky way to be employed. You won’t catch me climbing any of those 500′, or 600′, or 1000′ plus towers that I go way out of my way to avoid when I’m flying.

Climbing Towers Low Flying Aircraft

Do not mess with these bad boys. They may have been ‘few and far between’ in the past but they are EVERYWHERE these days and just waiting to catch low flyers and scud runners.

Climbing Transmission towers 3

Just get too low … just get too close … and the guy wires are there waiting for you. I lost a friend years ago in a helicopter accident because they weren’t aware how far out the guy wires extended. Please don’t make the same mistake.

Climbing Transmission towers 2

Here’s a couple guys doing a job you couldn’t pay me enough to do. Really good video though!!

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