Scouting our LLT Natchitoches Fly-in pays off

I’m here at last! A scouting trip to KIER has been on my mind for too long but patience paid off – I’m here. (Patience is not my best virtue!) 540 n.m. KMQJ to Natchitoches Regional Airport.

This little adventure has been on my mind since deciding to host our next LadiesLoveTaildraggers fly-in in Louisiana – Natchitoches, Louisiana. And if you can correctly pronounce Natchitoches, you’re a lot better at Cajun chatter than I am!

Here less than 24 hours and we couldn’t resist a quick Southern plantation tour.
At nearby Oakland Plantation magnificent live oak trees filled the long front lawn. Incredibly, they were planted in the late 18th century. A 21st century welcome surprise – it’s a National Park Service property that’s totally free, including guided tours.

The great joy of being here is that I’ve discovered first hand what a wonderful destination this small town in central Louisiana truly is. After a beautiful flight into the KIER airport and a day spent immersed in the local culture & cuisine, I’m now confident you’re going to love visiting here too.

The Chateau Saint Denis Hotel featured in Southern Living Magazine is a choice that, until today, I thought was way too expensive to consider. Their $350/nightly rate throughout the holiday season had scared me away but a meeting with their sales manager today left me smiling. I’m tickled to report our group is getting a super rate at the most sought after hotel in the heart of the historic district, $139/night. Get your reservation in as soon as possible. They are holding just 20 rooms for us and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Ask for LadiesLoveTailraggers’ Group Rate: Chateau Saint Denis Hotel

The streets are lined with Italianate, Queen Anne, Victorian, and Antebellum homes, all lovely, all one-of-a-kind treats for interested visitors to see.

The azaleas were in full bloom today!

Fleur de lis’ are everywhere and, just like New Orleans, are the theme of iron railings, fences and gates around town.

But if you prefer to eat your Fleur de lis, that’s possible too!

Speaking of food, I had a great time wondering around downtown today debating the most fun and interesting restaurants we should visit. Here are the two oh-so-southern restaurants where I’ve reserved seating; Thursday and Friday evenings. Check ’em out at and

All women pilots are welcome and encouraged to join our fun, regardless of whether you have a tailwheel endorsement. FYI: Camping on the field is free, shower & restrooms available at the FBO 24/7.

For all the details about our 2019 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Natchitoches Fly-in please refer to this earlier announcement or proceed directly to the Fly-in Registration Form.

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