Send in those HAPPY pictures!!

It’s time for a “Happy Taildragger” Picture Contest and you could be the winner!!  Don’t be shy – just look back through those taildragging pictures you’ve got, pick the “happiest” one and email it to me! Simple! Or if you’re adventurous, pull your beautiful taildragger out of that hangar, fly it around, and shoot some new, fun pictures!

So the question is, what in the world is a happy taildragger picture?  Well, you may have seen this picture of Marijke Unger before on Ladies Love Taildraggers – SHE certainly looks happy!!

Or maybe this picture of Diana Votaw giving a ride to Jenna  – THEY certainly look happy!

And you gotta admit this picture of Bonnie Ritchey getting her pilot’s license looks pretty darned happy too!

The point is, a ‘Happy Taildragger’ picture just screams, “Girl, you’re doing your thing and it’s soooo cool”!! You just KNOW a happy taildragging picture when you see it.  If you’ve got one, send it in!   All pictures will be posted and the “Best Picture” winner will receive a free Ladies Love Taildraggers t-shirt!

Email pictures to  Please send in pictures by Sunday, October 17!!

  • Susan
    Posted at 23:12h, 20 September Reply

    Great idea Judy! I may have to create some… I think I sent in all the “really happy” photos with my bio! LOLOL

  • Sue
    Posted at 06:41h, 20 September Reply

    Great idea! I’ll send mine in and look forward to seeing them all! Thanks. Sue

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