Serena Kamps (Wisconsin)

Serena Kamps is based at KOSH, Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

My interest in flying didn’t begin until my teen years but once I had my first single-engine airplane ride with my uncle in a Grumman Yankee at the age of 16, I was hooked! I earned my private license about four years ago and currently have just over 200 hours. My training began in Piper J-3 Cubs at CubAir Flight in Hartford, WI. I did everything up through my first solo cross-country in the Cubs then transitioned to an RV-6A at Oshkosh to complete my training. I love tailwheel flying and still have a serious love affair with Cubs!

Serena Kamps/RV6-A

Currently, I am working on my instrument rating. I am very blessed to have lived about 20 minutes outside of Oshkosh, the Aviation Capitol of the World (for at least one week out of the year), my whole life and, as my interest in aviation grew, it became a dream of mine to someday work for EAA. I started volunteering there while still a teenager and am now celebrating six years of working for this wonderful organization!

In addition to my flying pursuits, I am also a professional harpist, playing with orchestras and other music groups all around the state as well as teaching harp lessons and performing for weddings, dinners, etc. It’s a busy life for sure, but I love it!

Aircraft flown:  Piper J-3 Cub, Vans RV-6A, Cessna 172, Wag-Aero Cuby, Zenith CH750 STOL, Cessna 120, Eclipse 500

There’s nothing like flying low and slow with the door open on a warm summer day in the airplane that taught so many of the Greatest Generation to fly! Flying taildraggers is a challenge that keeps your stick and rudder skills sharp and  makes you a better pilot. Besides that, it’s just plain fun!


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