Sharon Tinkler (Tennessee)

Sharon Tinkler is based at Tullahoma Regional Airport (KTHA), Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Sharon with her former Luscombe “Gracie”, N1955K

I am just a private pilot who loves Luscombes. I currently own and fly a Luscombe 8F and a Luscombe 11A Sedan.

Flying the Mississippi with husband Bill Tinkler, also a pilot.

I will shamelessly kidnap and feed any lady tailwheel pilot that I hear in the pattern at Tullahoma, and return her to her plane unharmed but nourished.  My favorite flying is really long X-C’s, but now that my husband requires care for his advancing MS, I don’t get to do that much.

Got the IFR rating when I lived in Annapolis because you have to have it there. Got the ticket wet a few times flying for Angel Flight in my Cherokee then – that was 700 hours ago, though.

I keep the rating “legally current” which is a far cry from actually going into IMC. The Luscombe is tricked out for it though in case.  My ticket, rating, and airplane ownership predated my husband. He got all of his own, too.

  • Charles
    Posted at 18:54h, 21 February Reply

    Hi Sharon,

    I see Bill finally made an honest women of you and you left Annapolis. Great website. Nice to see what you are up to.

    Drop me a note on FB.

    Your Prodigy SPF – mate.

  • Theresa
    Posted at 19:26h, 06 November Reply

    Hey Sharon,
    I checked out the web site-looks like a fun airfield! Don’t think we will be wandering that far, though-Iowa is a long trip in a Cadet! I used to fly long cross countries in the 120 but now I pretty much am an afternoon “putz arounder”! This area of the country is gorgeous to just fly around and look at.
    Clear skies,

  • Sharon Tinkler
    Posted at 07:55h, 05 November Reply


    Small world! I learned in one of Mrs. P’s Colts also. Mine was 5692zulu, the green, cream, and duct tape one. I got the ticket in January, 1994, so we just missed each other. Mrs P was a piece of work, wasn’t she?

    Hey, I remember hearing about you! You had Outten, didn’t you? I did too. Or was your instructor someone that Irene said was treating you like Outten was treating me? He said I couldn’t learn to fly, either, and Irene compared the situation to you. We both went on to do more flying that certainly Outten ever envisioned. Good instructor, but not such a good judge of character in our cases – lol. You’ve had that 120 all over the country, and me the same in luscombes. So there you go. Never could land a Cherokee to Outten’s satisfaction, though.

    Any chance you could bring that Interstate to the Antique Airfield over Labor Day weekend? It would find an appreciative crowd of admirers there! Camping on the field.

    Stay in touch, Sharon

  • Theresa Berthelsdorf
    Posted at 00:56h, 05 November Reply

    Hi Sharon,
    I learned how to fly on Mrs Parlett’s Colts there in Annapolis back in the middle 1980s. I never met you, but I knew Bill Tinkler and his lovely yellow and blue Luscombe. You knew a friend of mine named Irene Simpkins, who has a 150 at Lee Airport. I eventually bought a Cessna 120 and flew out of Annapolis from 1985-1991. I moved to Florida then and flew the 120 to Tampa.
    I live in Oregon now and fly an Interstate Cadet. If you ever get to the West Coast, call us!

  • Susan
    Posted at 22:32h, 19 August Reply


    Welcome to the group and what a beautiful group of Luscombes!! So glad you’ve joined us and hope to see you bouncing around the sky soon!! Dayton isn’t that far from TN… come on up since you love those cross country flights!! 🙂


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