Shauna Burrow (California)

Shauna Burrow is based at KFOT, Rohnerville Airport, Fortuna, California.

I started flying in 1990 (Nose wheel Mooney M20C) and also had a fly-in B&B for 12 years.  During those year I had a guest stay with us who had an RV.  He took me flying,  I loved it.  I loved the rate of climb, I loved the stick and made up my mind I would own an RV.  My dream of having an RV never changed, but lots of things in my life changed.

Finally my opportunity struck!  An RV was up for sale in my area, in my price range but it was a taildragger.  So I bought it!  Then I had to learn tailwheel.  I drove up to Creswell, Oregon for many weekends flying with Dorothy Schick.  Finally I got it, then finished up in Eureka with Ann Elsbach in my RV9!  I have been flying the RV9 for 3 years.  It makes my trips to the Sierra Mts very enjoyable.

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