Sherry Schaefer (Illinois)

Sherry Schaefer is based at KGRE, Greenville Airport, Greenville, Illinois.

Sherry Schaefer closeup

I’ve dreamed of flying since I took my first ride on my 16th birthday. When I was 17 I went through ground school through a college course. I started flying and then my career took a different direction. A few years back I decided I needed to go back after my dream.

Sherry Schaefer Cherokee

I bought a low hour Warrior, which I still have, got my ticket and then went after my tailwheel. I got my tailwheel endorsement in a 180/hp Super Cub. Then I bought a Cessna 120 to build up some time and learn how to fly “without” power.

Sherry Schaefer C120

After I felt I had accomplished that, I purchased a 180/hp experimental Daytona Cub with aerobatic wings and all the little features to let me really play.

Sherry Schaefer Bear

I flew it to Llano, TX in April 2016 and competed in my very first STOL contest. I had never even practiced for anything like this before. It was the thrill of my life so far! My goal was to not tear up my plane nor look like a fool. Mission accomplished!


I LOVE flying taildraggers because it’s challenging from the minute you fire up til the minute you turn off the mags. It’s also my escape from reality and keeps me off blood pressure meds. 🙂

I’m working on my A&P, have logged time in a WACO, working on my complex in a T-34, done aerobatics in a Chipmunk and rode second seat in a Thrush Ag plane. I LOVE flying!!!!

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