Sidney Corn (North Carolina)

Sidney Corn is based at 7NC1, Stag Air Park, Burgaw, North Carolina.

Hi! I’m Sidney. I started learning to fly in my Dad’s Cessna 195 and was hooked!! I’m currently at a regional airline but have done all sorts of flying. (Instructing, banner-tow, sky-dive, and air tours at the Grand Canyon) However, hopping in my Dad’s 195 is still my favorite!!

Ratings: Private, Instrument, Multi-Engine, Commercial, CFI, ATP

Aircraft flown: C195, C180, C170, C140, J3 Cub, Waco, C172, C150, BE-55, C208, DC-6-300, CL-65

Dream taildragger: Cessna 195, but would love to fly the DC-3!!

Thoughts on taildragging: Where do I begin?!? I guess I’m partial because that is what I learned in, but there are also just so many amazing taildraggers. I’m a sucker for older birds, which a lot of taildraggers are, so I guess I love the history behind a lot of them.

They also make for great pilots! They don’t give you a choice and the stick and rudder skills you develop are priceless.

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