Simona Doxan (Arizona)

Simona Doxan is based in Arizona and has flown out of E68 Estrella Sailport, AZ67 El Tiro Gliderport, A39 Ak-Chin Regional Airport and CHD Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, Arizona.

I started flying sailplanes when I was a teenager and become a glider pilot when I was 19. Tow planes are mostly taildraggers and flying with them made me fall in love. After adding a power rating to my pilot license, I obtained a tailwheel endorsement (2015). The PA-18 SuperCub was the first tailwheel plane and I intend to continue flying any taildragger I can get my hands on. Currently, I rent club owned sailplanes and airplanes whenever possible.

Simona, J-3 Cub

I am two ratings away from becoming an instructor and hopefully I will have the possibility to teach tailwheel flying. Being part of a group who supports the aviation goals of taildragger lovers is wonderful.

Why do you love taildraggers? They’re cute looking with their noses pointing at the skies as if always wanting to go up. Versatility is another factor. Some of them can be equipped with bush tires or skis and new possibilities for back country exploration arise. The adventurer in me would very much like to go on a back country/cross country camping expedition and make a documentary about it.

Dream taildragger: PA-18 SuperCub

Aircraft flown:  PA-18 SuperCub, Aeronca Champ 7AC, RV-6, Luscombe, Birdog L19

I’d also like to get a ride in a P-51 Mustang one day. Hey, one can only dream.



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