Smiley Creek Women’s Fly-in Symposium, Day 2

It’s 8:00 pm at Smiley Creek Airport & Lodge just south of the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho, and I’m wondering how this day could have possibly been any better.  The day is winding down, the sun is getting low on the horizon, there are no clouds in the sky and I’m kicked back, glass of wine in hand, gazing at the snow covered mountains beyond.

The highest peak in the Sawtooths is 10,751' and I got to see it up close and VERY personal today.

I shot the above picture today, no zoom required, as I rode with Galen Hanselman on a morning flight through the Sawtooth Mountain Range, his favorite spot in all of Idaho.

It's really not possible to describe the thrill and beauty of mountain flying when you're below the peaks and seeing what few others ever have the chance to see.

Galen Hanselman has received widespread acclaim for his pioneering work in educating and promoting aviation safety in his backcountry flying guides: Fly Idaho!, Air Baja!, Fly Utah and Fly the Big Sky! His research involves flying to each of the airstrips, photographing them, landing (if possible), surveying, and documenting the findings. Collecting stories and recording histories of these mysterious places adds to the lore as well.

If you look close you can see the Sulphur Creek Ranch Airport, our destination for breakfast. One way in - one way out.

The ranch is located East of Cascade, Idaho and can be reached by a seven mile pack-in from Boundary Creek trailhead or by air – that’s your choices. Either way, it’s worth your effort to get there!

This nice guy will take your breakfast order while you grab a cup of coffee and wait for the feast to come!

Wow - a half order! Oh, yum!

What a privilege to be here.

The turbo 206 group

Here's Galen with some of the Lady Taildraggers that made the breakfast flight to Sulphur Creek. Anne Wright, Gail Schipper, Wendy & Judy.

Wendy & Anne departing

And back at Smiley Creek, Christina Chapman welcomes us with a pretty pose!

Have you seen Christina's Scout?!!

Stephanie Wells took time to get a little mountain instruction in her RV6

Lisa Martin & her Super Cub back from a refueling flight from the other side of the ridge

Christina conducting her Woman Wise Airmanship symposium - outside!!

Great time so far. Christina says this is the first of many fly-ins to come so save some time in July 2012 for next year’s fly-in. More to follow!

Some of the ladies line up at Smiley Creek

  • christina chapman
    Posted at 11:19h, 20 July Reply

    Yes, it was more amazing that words can describe. It was all about women’s passion for flying, strengthening that bond and for each other. We are our own mentors! You won’t believe how much personal power, enthusiasm, and direction you will have from it!! Next year is July 16 -19, same place, for first timers. For repeat participants (from this year’s event) I scheduled July 19 – 22. Those in first session can opt to “roll over” into advanced class if they desire for an additional symposium fee–and you know how reasonable that is. So, mark the dates!!! FLY OUT. You will want to experience Idaho in your own plane if you can. I will have instructor planes too (Kit Fox, 180, 172 or 182, and others…). Wow, What a blast!

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 12:37h, 10 July Reply

    I hope you can make it next time. It was an incredible experience.

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  • Lynn Gardner
    Posted at 09:01h, 09 July Reply

    As I work my butt off covering the next great Highlander, I check in with you all on the sight and feel comforted that you are safe and having a great time..GODSPEED ladies

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