Sneha Harish (Uganda)

Sneha Harish is based at HUKJ, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa and is now a charter pilot & CFI.

February 2012 Updated pilot info at

Sneha was previously based at Komatipoort Airport (FAKP), Komatipoort, South Africa. From 2010 post……

Hello ladies!

I am a 21 year old pilot. I am originally from India. I would be lying if I said I’ve been passionate about planes ever since I was a little girl. Truth is, nobody in my family was in the aviation field and I only decided on becoming a pilot when I was 18 years old and just out of school. So I chose a profession that quickly became a passion! I headed to South Africa at the age of 19 to obtain a Commercial Pilot’s License.

I held a frozen ATPL by the time I was 20. By then, I realized that I did not want to get into an airline at that stage and wanted to be a ‘bush pilot’ and fly something that would fit into really short, challenging strips. (Africa has plenty of those! πŸ™‚

One thing led to another and I got myself a tail dragger endorsement in a Bush Baby. (Z010) It was ‘love at first flight’ with that tricky little tail dragger and before I knew it, I began getting a lot of time on it.

I am 21 now and an instructor on the Bush Baby in South Africa and absolutely love it! I fly out of Komatipoort airfield (FAKP) in South Africa in the vicinity of the Kruger National Park. We fly purely for fun at the school here. (Safety still being our first priority, of course.) All of my students have been men so far (as young as 15 and even younger at 60!) ;). So, still waiting for that elusive first female student that wants to learn how to tame a tail dragger!

I enjoy instruction a lot. Not only because I get to teach someone else but also because one gets to learn so much. One of my instructors used to say, “To teach is to learn twice.” I used to just nod in agreement back then, I now KNOW what he really meant.

We also do tourist flips over the Kruger National Park. I am an animal lover and thoroughly enjoy spotting wildlife from the air! πŸ™‚

When I flew the Bush Baby for the first time, I understood what people meant when they said, “Tail dragger flying is ‘real’ flying.” It keeps you interested and attentive with little surprises every now and then! And every landing is different from the other. Especially if you make that transition from a nose wheel to a tail wheel.

I absolutely love flying nose wheeled aircraft as well. I enjoy flying ANYTHING for that matter! πŸ˜‰ But this little tail dragger will always hold a special place and some day when I have lots of hours, I want to get an Ag-rating and do some crop spraying! (South Africa has no women crop sprayers, it would be nice to be the first one!) I have hitched a couple of rides in jump seats with crop spraying pilots and absolutely loved the experience. I also worked for a month under a very experienced crop spraying pilot, learning about the elaborate and extremely challenging process of aerial crop dusting.

But for now, the love affair with tail draggers continues! My boss suggested this website to me. He’s also an instructor and builds Bush Baby aircraft. He ONLY flies tail draggers.

This is such a cool website! I am chuffed to join all you lovely lady pilots! πŸ™‚

Thanks a million for accepting my registration. It is really a fantastic website! A refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill stuff! It’s a huge pleasure to be a part of the awesome team! Great job!!

  • Neha Raj
    Posted at 09:14h, 09 September Reply

    Congrats Sneha

  • ravi
    Posted at 08:21h, 14 November Reply

    great snaps sneha……welll its not the snaps vch forced me to leave a comment here bt its ur achievements vch are simply awesome….congratss for becoming a pilot and a very best of luck for your future…

  • Sneha
    Posted at 04:58h, 27 August Reply

    Stefan, you’ve got no idea what those words mean to me! Thanks a mill for everything!
    πŸ™‚ I’m elated!

    Hi Steve! πŸ™‚
    Wow! We were just talking about you this morning! Thanks, I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun! See you soon! πŸ™‚
    PS: Hahaha at the ‘feminine side joke’ πŸ˜€ You sound like fun!

  • Steve Dewsnap-Smith
    Posted at 07:25h, 26 August Reply

    Dear Sneha,

    I’ve just been told by Stefan that you will be teaching me from 26th September.

    Sorry you still havn’t got your first female student but I will try my best to cultivate my ‘femine side’ .

    I’m sure we will have a great time together !


  • Stefan
    Posted at 14:26h, 22 August Reply

    This fine young lady pilot has been an Instructor at my school for the past couple of months. She is quickly becoming a very skilled bush pilot. Many a men have eaten their words.

  • Sneha
    Posted at 03:04h, 11 July Reply

    Hey Rosh! πŸ™‚

    That’s sweet! Thanks, dufus! πŸ˜€ Hope Siliguri isn’t treating you too harsh! Miss you!

  • Roshan
    Posted at 11:40h, 28 June Reply

    Whoa..! SPEECHLESS ..!! congrats Sneha..! Amazin snaps…finally i can say i know someone whose actually a pilot πŸ™‚ al th very best with ur future ventures…conquer those heights…LITERALLY !

  • Sneha
    Posted at 02:16h, 16 April Reply

    Hi Gwen!

    Thanks a million! Absolutely! You must come back! πŸ™‚ And see it all from the air! Speaking of views from the air, I’d love to see those gorgeous landscapes of Alaska! πŸ™‚

    Wishing you blue skies for plenty of miles!

  • Gwen White
    Posted at 12:16h, 04 March Reply

    Hi Sneha;
    Enjoyed your pictures. Awesome views you have from the air. I have been to africia on a hunting safari but really would love to come back and fly. I love the country and the magnificent animals you have. God Bless and glorious skies. Gwen

  • sandhya rao
    Posted at 02:36h, 06 February Reply

    Thanks Ms Aeronca, you are really special!!! you have done a good job with the website. Now this has become my fav website. I log in every now and then. And you are so kind to sneha and other young girls, that makes you double special:-) All the very best with the website. Take care.

  • Sneha
    Posted at 13:45h, 05 February Reply

    And Judy, you in turn, are an inspiration to us! πŸ™‚

    Absolutely enjoying the website!

  • Judy
    Posted at 10:55h, 05 February Reply

    Thank you Sneha, Sandya and everyone else who have posted such kind comments recently! It makes me so happy when I see Sneha, Amy and other beautiful (inside & out) young lady pilots so passionate about flying. You are such an inspiration!

  • sandhya rao
    Posted at 09:49h, 05 February Reply

    Yes, am extremely sorry for not mentioning about Ms Aeroncas’s efforts in developing this website…. hats off to her!!!

  • Sneha
    Posted at 06:31h, 05 February Reply

    Hi Ma,

    Great to see your comment! :* Yes, Judy has done a fab job with the website, indeed!

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • Sneha
    Posted at 06:28h, 05 February Reply

    Matthias! πŸ˜€

    You make me giggle! Thank you! πŸ™‚

    Pity you can’t join the website! If only you were a woman! πŸ˜‰ Hahaha!

  • sandhya rao
    Posted at 05:03h, 05 February Reply

    Its awesome to see THE ladies doing an absolutely awesome job!!!! loved the web site and of course nice to see my daughter Sneha in this space………. get going kid!

  • Matthias
    Posted at 04:59h, 05 February Reply

    Wonderful website! I told you that picture had to me on a magazine! But could you stop making us feeling envy? Just for few days? Thanks :p

  • Sneha
    Posted at 04:38h, 05 February Reply

    Hey Amy! πŸ™‚

    Thank you! Yes, looking forward to getting to know you all better!

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

  • Amy
    Posted at 16:04h, 03 February Reply


    How awesome! We need more of us young female pilots out there!

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