Friday at the Lady Taildraggers Fly-in

You couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather at a fly-in than what we were blessed with on Friday at Dayton. Girls flew in, guys flew in and occasionally people even came the old fashioned way – by car!

Some of the Friday girls we could round up in a hurry

Sophia Lucas, taildragger lover and Susan’s favorite passenger, spent the entire long weekend at our fly-in. I was tickled to give her mom, Kathy, an S7 ride Thursday evening and her dad, Mike, took photos for our group all weekend. What a great family who suddenly found themselves sucked into the amazing world of Wacos and wings by an 11 year old daughter who loves airplanes!

Sophia, wearing a favorite t-shirt, "Silly boys, airplanes are for girls"!!


Just killing time waiting for my Supercub ride on Friday! (My front, Bill Tracy's rear)

Ride, did I say ride? This crazy guy’s gonna let me fly it!!

Yeehaa, I get to fly Bill's Supercub!!

Jeanne flew a restored J5 in Friday and then outdid herself by flying the family Stearman in on Saturday with her husband!

Jeanne Reed and their absolutely beautiful Piper J5A

Moving on to Wacos, how about a Cabin YOC Waco?

Jeff Skiles from Broadhead and EAA Senior Editor Steve Schapiro flew in for the weekend on Friday

Jeff drew a little crowd when he arrived. If the name doesn’t sound familiar think “Hudson River Flight 1549”.



Jeff's Waco panel

Very cute….

Love this under the wing picture taken Friday by Lorrie Penner


Look at those Friday blue skies

Friday lunch time.


Lunch time! Brad flipping burgers & hotdogs and Craig & Matt around the corner keeping it coming. Thanks guys, you did a fantastic job of keeping the ladies happy.


Girl time!

And these last shots are priceless.  I remember seeing Summer & Chrissy under the wing of the Student Prince relaxing in the grass and enjoying the day, then they started drawing a crowd.

*Sophia, Chrissy & Summer


Sophie, Chrissy, and Summer under the Student Prince wing




Friday night, flying night!

This is a bunch that doesn’t just park ’em and admire ’em – they really FLY them!




  • kathie
    Posted at 08:13h, 19 August Reply

    What a fantastic write-up, Judy! I wanted to thank all the Ladies (and Gentlemen) for their enthusiasm and support of Sophia and her dream of becoming a pilot. She soaked up every bit of advice and friendship and was so excited to be a part of everything. Can’t wait until next year!

  • Jill
    Posted at 13:59h, 16 August Reply

    You cannot believe how disappointed I am to have missed this event. The airplane got out of annual, but a perfect storm of work and family commitments prevented me from departing on Friday, and weather on Saturday was just too borderline. I’m loving the photos and it looks as though you all had a blast. Thanks for these, Judy–

  • Carolyn Pasqualino
    Posted at 21:45h, 15 August Reply

    Judy & Susan, Thanks for a wonderful weekend! Hope to see you again next year.

    • susan
      Posted at 05:32h, 16 August Reply

      Carolyn… it was fantastic having you here! Thanks so much for making the trip!! Hope to see you soon!!!


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