So….. what’s the scoop on the Lady Taildraggers fly-in??!!

WOW, I’m back in Indy tonight and back on-line……and I’ve got great internet service again!! Hotels are great, especially when they have water views like Pickwick Landing St. Park Inn, but there’s nothing like fast internet to keep me happy! Check out this update on our Fly-in. I know not everyone was able to make it home today but hopefully return flights have been stress-less, thunderstorm free and VFR! I got out of Savannah at noon today and made it back to Indy, just short of a little rain to the north. Glad all the girls….. and boys… got out this morning. I just checked and the Savannah area is getting nailed right now. Perfect departure timing – love it! What a great weekend.

They came from TEXAS and 21 other states to get to the Lady Taildragger Flyin this weekend! Short hops and long cross countries, but they made it to Savannah, Tennessee! Here's Jen catching a quick sandwich en route while Jean guides her Super Decathalon to TN. Hey, when your aloft and things are looking good "we're not stopping for nothing"!


850 miles from s.w. Texas - no problem for these two ladies (Jean & Jen) who were early arrivals and kept us all laughing and smiling for several days!


There was hanging out time for Julie Thomas & her Maule M5.......


But life's just not perfect. Her husband flew their Stearman to the flyin too ..... what a beautiful (make that gorgeous) taildragger...and they both spent some hard time dealing with Stearman tailwheel repairs. Ya gotta love these old airplanes but they need lots of tender, lovin' care.



Helen’s got a T’craft but’s smart enough not to pass up a chance to fly Bill’s Supercub?!!


Great line ups of taildraggers all over the airport!


Plenty of hanging out time with your bird


and time to reflect on those moments when the ground looks like the best place to be.


Time for a little girlie fun too!


If you were there, hope you had a good time at the Lady Taildragger flyin but NOBODY had a better time than me. Rusty gave me a ride in his amazing Cessna 195 today.


We climb in, buckle in, put headsets on and Rusty says he's gonna let me fly it! I'm soooo ready.... I think I can do it! Nothing unexpected on the panel. A duel yoke. NICE. Big ole back seat for 3 more but it's just me and Rusty. Small side windows but a nice front quarter skylight and lean forward just a tiny bit and look down the leading edge. Geez, I wish they still built airplanes like this! I want this airplane! I don't care how much oil I've gotta pour down it!


Terrific flight in a Cessna 195 today. Thank you Rusty for a chance to fly an amazing, classic taildragger. One of these days I want to see her sister sitting in my hangar but for the time being, thanks for the thrill!

I’ve got LOTS of LLT flyin pictures so more to come. I really appreciate the 100 plus airplanes that flew in and all the fun we had. What a blast. More to come!

  • Bob Minter
    Posted at 10:53h, 04 June Reply

    What an incredible event, Judy. I was looking forward to being there representing AOPA and the entire event was extraordinary. Your LLTDers travel in some mighty beautiful airplanes too! Can’t say enough about the entire 4-days except… AOPA will be back! Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate.
    Bob Minter, AOPA Southern Region Manager ( and Karin)

  • Donna guerin
    Posted at 09:52h, 04 June Reply

    Wow, what a great time. The weather was perfect, the food was excellent, and the host was fantastic. Hope you have it at Savannah next year cause I don’t think anyone else could do a better job than Montielle did.
    Thanks, Donna

  • Woody Woodruff
    Posted at 08:57h, 04 June Reply

    It was such a pleasure meeting you Sat. Thanks so much for allowing me to be part of your wonderful event. I loved it. The next trip you must stiop in and say Howdy at Centerville Muni.
    May your Skies always be friendly
    Woody Woodruff
    Cowboy Poet/Humorist/Actor

  • Dan and Elli
    Posted at 06:10h, 04 June Reply

    FUN FUN FUN– Elli and I had a great time– it was fun to be around people who “like to fly”– you all did a super job– loved meeting your beautiful daughter and her handsome fiancee, they have great roll models to look up to– your energy is contagious– you should be proud and you should take a day or two off before you start your next project– dan

  • Dorothy Guinn
    Posted at 00:02h, 04 June Reply

    So happy to have you all in our county, quite an honor.Thanks to Patty and Jeff I had a wonderful ride in the poker run in THE BELLANCA. Hope you all come back again. Next time you can use my internet service,lol. I am a long time dreamer of flying. Maybe I can join you all one of these days. Dorothy S Guinn

  • Jennifer Pena
    Posted at 22:34h, 03 June Reply

    I had a great time at my first LLT Fly-in. Jean and I landed in New Albany, MS to wait out a storm, then it was on to Hot Springs for a soak in the therapeutic waters. Thanks for all your hard work Judy! It was great to meet so many wonderful new friends.

  • Rusty
    Posted at 21:10h, 03 June Reply

    Nancy and I had a blast. You did an amazing job. But no surprise there: you are an AMAZING LADY!!

    You better get your butt down to BAK more often so we can continue our 195 indoctrination and get you all checked out. (Sorry Boyd, its not my fault, she made me take her)

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