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Just putting some feelers out... Since you ladies are the very best resource ☺️

Im getting my instructor ratings & its been a dream of mine to 1. Get my own plane, and 2. Become really proficient with taildraggers. I was mulling over maybe getting one & leasing it back to my school for endorsements & spin training (or just doing it myself). This wouldnt probably happen for a couple years unless i come across something really special. 

Is there an aircraft out there that would be good for this sort of thing? Im not looking for an Extra or anything crazy, but if theres a good, sturdy little bugger out there thats spin-certified, Id be really interested in it! Im just not very familiar with whats out there.

Feel free to tell me this is a ridiculous idea. Im just brainstorming & dreaming a little 🤣 any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you!!! 

PFA: one of the Archers i fly now, all prettied up for a video shoot

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Citabria would be hard to beat for your goals. If you just want a fun economical taildragger for your self to enjoy then look into the Cessna 120/140’s.

A citabria can do both...great tailwheel trainer and aerobatic certified. Just be cautious with the wooden spar if your planning any acro beyond basic spin training. Some have been changed to metal spars but they cost more.

Super Decathlon or Citabria.

Super Cub

Citabria is pretty standard for tail wheel and spin training

I had owned a Cessna 140 and that's an awesome plane for both plus more economical!

Citabria 7KCAB!

+1 for Citabria. Bought mine (7KCAB) as a student pilot 16 years ago and still fly it today!

Careful on the lease back. Insurance will be a bear!!!! To keep my insurance down on my champ no pilot with less than 500 tailwheel can fly it. The insurance is still about 700 a year. Citabria or decathalon are 2 great ones. Depends on if you want to carry more people, build time or have a little bit of fun and carry one passenger

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Wow! A Champ to a T-6... what a change!

You are so Blessed!! 😎🌴

Awesome! You can do it! I started out in a J3 Cub. Within two years of getting my Private, I had soloed my T-6 and currently give rides in it. Good luck to you!

Kayla Jane Fairchild

Congrats!! T-6s are the best!!

Wow!!! Someday i hope to have a radial taildragger 😊

I've got 45 minutes of dual in an SNJ in my log. Most fun I've ever had flying.

Have fun! It’s big and noisy, but remember, as my Harvard Instructor told me, ‘it’s just an aeroplane’!

ENJOY!!! Congrats! 😀

Congratulations. It is a big fat cub! Have fun!

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Video image

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It's been a long, long time, but I'm just popping in to say hi. I haven't flown my Supercub since Aug 2017, but I've been flying as AirCrew for the USCG Auxiliary, so at least I'm UP. I recently joined a local glider club, so hopefully that will get me going again. I'm at KARB, so call me if you're in the area! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Hi Anne!

💕 Hi Anne Scheer Wright , I miss you and hope to see you flying your awesome bird again. If you choose not, I hope you remember I have first right on your Supercub. We can share it 50)50 or I'll buy it 100%. I'm in love with it and hope you remember me and our fun flying together!

Hi Anne. Coming to FL anytime soon?

HIYA Anne! Good to HEAR from you gurlie!

Gliders will make flying fun. I still teach glider flying

Hey Anne Scheer Wright Thanks for checking in!

Great you're getting back into gliders! 😃

Hi Anne👋

Anne, your going to love gliders. Enjoy!

Good for you! Poor Super Cub! If you by need a sitter I’m in Montana... happy to fly it for you!!!!😂😂😂

Hi Anne!! I always enjoyed chatting with you at LLT events snd OSH. 🙂 It’s a pleasure to know you and I hope our paths cross again soon!!

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Are there any aerial fire fighter or forestry pilots in here?! 😬 Looking to pick someone's brain. ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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I’ll try and help


Lisa Allen also does this

Yes, send me a message.

I was a pilot/biologist for FWS, msg me if you want to know more about the profession.

I was until I lost my medical.


Talk to Lisa Allen

Mary Verry

All my buddies said I didn't have a brain to do that work... haven't done it for awhile but I may remember something useful (PBY-5A, Grumman S2F, Douglas A-26, Firecat and CL-215) ~ pick away! 🙂

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This just warms my heart!!

So happy my husband and I participated!! Love seeing that excitement! 🎂🎁❤️

Hope he had a great birthday and may the next one be even more blessed!


AWWWW! Hope his birthday continues to bless him through the year! Love seeing his happy face!

What a blessing

It was fun finding a card to send - thank you for including all of us!! 😃🎂🎂

Awesome for you to allow us to be a part of his special day.

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I passed my Sport Pilot check ride today!!Image attachment

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Yeay..cheers to you





Yay! Another lady Cub pilot!!

Good for you!





Awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Congrats, Michelle!




Congratulations !

Awesome! Congratulations.

Love to see more taildragger pilots!!!

And you are flying in winter weather. I find it easier, but hate the short days


Congratulations 👍🏆


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I didnt pilot this one but I got to climb on top and between the wings! So much fun!

@masonwingwalkingacademyImage attachmentImage attachment

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That school is in WA and I have long wanted to try it out but I am not super agile. My short, fat self has enough trouble climbing through planes sitting on the ground. 😉 Looks like a blast though!


I had a trip booked to do that last summer but had to cancel due to the pandemic. I hope to reschedule for this sumner!

So cool! I've always wondered how people learn to do this, didn't know there was a class 😅 I'm not brave enough for this personally but this is badass!

Kayla Jane Fairchild

Whew, I also skydive and have gone out a balloon and a helicopter, too, and I still can’t bring myself to stomach wing walking! You are a strong, strong woman! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I was asked to do that in my early 20s... ummmmm.... no, not for me. 😝😂

That’s so badass!!!!

My legs are going numb just looking at this😅. Great job!

Yeah, that’s a big ‘ol nope from me..

I’m in!

The Masons are a pretty cool.aviation family. I wish I would have logged all my wing walks thus far .ive been at it for 17 years so that's a lot of wing walks! Glad you got to experience it 🙌

I've always wanted to do that! What an awesome experience!

Always wanted to do that! Good for you.

I've NEVER wanted ti

To do this But admire you for the adventure

So amazing looking but I’m a chicken

I held my breath the hold time eat hi g that video! Amazing and whew!

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Cool! And I highly recommend her book - Three-Eight Charlie.

Yes! ❤️

I know - isn’t that awesome they did that!

Awesome!! I first learned about the Navajo Code Talkers at a McDonalds in New Mexico. The store owner’s father had been one. Hopefully, people will learn about Jerri Mock and it will have as powerful of an impression!

Getting some night landings in my Super Cub! Who else flies their taildragger at night?

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Spent quite a few hours in the 180 and 185 and night.

Eye dew

Fly this at night about 10% of the time, summertime that is’

Beautiful airplane!!

I keep night current in my 180.

We do in the winter off the lake 🙌🏻💕

My 1930 Fleet.

I used to fly my Stinson at night only onto a lit strip. My home airport was grass and no lights so I sometimes had to park it 20-30 mins away and get it back in the daylight.


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Fabulous achievement.. happy flying!

Love it, she sounds very healthy.

I love this story!

Wow, love it!! Congratulations 🍾

Love this!

really really cool. i find the aircraft where close attention to rigging has been paid - and i know you did - fly well. truly excellent thanks for bringing one more back to life.

A worthwhile labor of love. Nice going!

Awesome. We are “neighbors”. I’m in juneau, Alaska. Hopefully we can cross borders soon. Let me know if you ever make it down my way and happy flying

I love this story! Thank you for resurrecting these birds. Would love to have a 180/185 one day...

Working airplanes , dings and all , are the best , there is beauty in that wear

Case in point

What a project!

We are in a plane swap right now with our mechanic. We traded our Cessna 195 for this beauty!! Sadly it was recently painted. I kinda liked it the way it was 🙂

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This might be a shot in the dark to post here - but I created a new Facebook profile to rid myself of a bunch of "dead weight" that came with an extremely toxic feed (I used to be Sarah Ellerman Dickerson...if I missed re-friending you, heyyyy send me a request). I've rejoined most of my old aviation groups (this one included! <3) , but I had requested to join the STOL/Backcountry/Mountain Pilots page (the name may not be in that particular order) and not only do I not think it got approved, I can't even see it now. I'm hoping I did not for some reason get blocked because someone felt it was a bogus account. I *love* my LLT but as someone who aspires to own a STOL aircraft someday, I also loved that page and really enjoyed following it.

I only post this here hoping someone who is an admin, or KNOWS someone who is an admin, on that page may be able to get me added after all. I'd sure hate to lose it, but I guess that's also a risk I took in just starting fresh with Facebook. 🙂 Happy Thursday ladies and may 2021 bring us lots of trail dragging adventures!
... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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I just invited you. See if that works. I think Kevin Quinn might be the admin. I hope he didn’t block you!

Weird Sarah! Never saw an email. Looking for you now

Yay we are getting it worked out. Thank you Kevin Quinn!

Success? If so, 1. Great 2. Quick!

I’m in! Thank you all!!!

Backcountry pilots?

I should do the same thing. But now I'm wondering if there might be a new better site?

Send a request to my group pilot social network. Your more than welcome to join.

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