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I’m back!  The last two years I fell out of flying. Like any love affair, it has its ups and down. Life just got in the way.  
Yesterday I got my moxie back! Felt that familiar feeling and remembered why I fell for it the first time. 
Come visit me at 2B6 Hollister Field near Wilmington, OH. Shoot, Hunt, stay the night...! 
Here’s to enjoying fall flying!!! ❤️❤️ 
#pa18 #yesitsgreen #myride #mintjulep #fortheloveofflying #girlsflytoo #peace @cherrybendpheasantfarm

Comment on Facebook I’m back! The ...

I know the feeling and can totally relate.

Not too far from me!

Welcome back!

Wow- I’m in Calif. & got a plane hangared in Ohio! Guess absence could make the heart grow fonder..🤔😊‼️

Welcome back , Beth! Fly down to GEO sometime!

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Finally getting back in the air tomorrow, I am stoked! Any girls got any good tips for sporadic flyers? My CFI usually has a good agenda for us, but if theres any suggestions from people who have had experience going weeks between lessons, Id love to have some ideas to bring to the table.

Oh, and this stamp is TOTALLY gonna be my next tattoo lol

Comment on Facebook Finally getting back...

Stalls, slow flight, steep turns to get ready for landings.

When I'm rusty, i have trouble with holding assigned altitude.

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Tell us about your trip!

It maybe coming quickly to a non-starter. My landing skills are not coming back as well as I hoped. I may have to hire a ferry pilot. Going from KOKV to L00, VA to CA.

My father is a retired cfii dfe. I learned to fly in the 1969 to 1973 time period from my father with getting my PPL in January 1974. I didn’t have much time to fly after getting my license. I have flown over the years with my father in the right/rear seat, but the last time I flew solo with my license was in 1975 when I flew a Piper Tripacer from Leesburg va to Blacksburg va and return to check out VA Tech as a possible college. Well, today I soloed again. 3 Full stop 3 point landings in the grass in the above airplane.

Video image

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where are all my Luscombe ladies at? comment your pictures! 😊

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My baby!! 😍

Sharon Tinkler

I just got to fly one yesterday! Loved it!

The best!

love my little Luscombe 🥰

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Way to go kiddo! Proud of you!

Congratulations on both accounts. Flying and encampment

I love Alaska flying. So glad you got to experience it!

This brings back so many wonderful memories!

ConGRATulations on both!

Congratulations on your rating and engagement!!! Thanks for sharing!

Love every bit of this ❤️🤘

This is amazing! Congrats!

Congratulations on so many counts!!

That makes me so homesick!! <3

Great pics, congratulations all the way around !!

Congratulations! You did it! But now I’m curious about the subplot: did you already know this guy or did you find him in the back woods of Alaska or hanging out in a hangar turning a wrench? Not everybody gets a fiancé and a ring when they get their float rating! How’d you get such an upgrade to your trip?

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1 day ago

Heres a gem that rolled through today. 1946 Stinson Gullwing. Gorgeous!Image attachmentImage attachment

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What a GEM!!!!!!


I did a double take!

SR 10 or V77 Bigger 300 hp etc for 170 cruise. No one could afford them in 1960s AAA. 1300 built of the 5, 7, and 9 too but with 225 in them. 5000 of the later 108.

A neighbor I used to have owned one and took me for a ride. It was so sweet!

Hmmmmmm.....franklin engine ?

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Hi ladies, I am putting together a slideshow tribute for Erissa Yong-Wilson. If you have any photos or thoughts you would like to share please email them to (c.c. today or tomorrow by the latest. Higher-resolution preferable, if possible. It will be shown on the projector screen by the Ninety-Nines.

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Thank you so much for this tribute!! She was such an inspiration to so many of us. Please share the slide show here if you’d be so kind.

Have you gotten any pics from her time flying with Sparky Imeson?

I definitely have some and will try to find them for you

Erissa en Cozumel Mexican caribbean

We had a great time! Looking forward to next year’s. We need more participants. ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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a sharp looking plane and a sharp looking lady.

Absolutely amazing

That is the fanciest grass strip ever! Love it!

Comment on Facebook Jeanette came up ...

awesome picture....

Congrats!!!! Enjoy the experience!! I never saw a cowling like that. What is that? Looks like a Cub, but .....

Congratulations. Like it!!!


Congratulations! Flying a seaplane is really fun! 👏👏🎉🎉

Wow, that’s a different looking cowling... 🤔 What’s up with that? Love the floats 👌❤️


Way to represent, Jeanette! Congratulations!

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If anyone happens to be passing through!

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Even if you’re not passing through it’s worth the travel

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4 days ago

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Beautiful day for flying!


British Pride ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago