Southbound: Alaska to Texas, by Jamee Wallis

Ferry pilot Jamee Wallis

Ferry pilot Jamee Wallis

Lady taildragger pilots, here’s one that may have slid though the cracks but should be on your “must read” list. It’s written by Jamee Wallis, a new commercial pilot at the time and posted on The article is about her flight ferrying a PA-12 from Juneau, Alaska, to Ozona, Texas.

Jamee Wallis PA-12

Blowing 50+ in Juneau

Jamee Wallis course

It was a true adventure and Jamee’s first flight ferrying a plane to the lower 48 – a tandem taildragger Piper PA-12. Awesome 21 day adventure for Jamee with great pictures and honest commentary about her trip in the article. This flight originated from an ad on Craigslist. Craigslist for pete’s sake! There’s a big world out there for those that are willing to stretch themselves. Be prepared though, you’ll need a SPOT, survival equipment including all kinds of stuff you’d forgo in the lower 48, and plenty of time to kill along the way for weather.

Jamee Wallis Alaska

Yosemite, CA off the wing.

Jamee’s flight is on my Bucket List and I’m in the Bucket List mood!

Read the full article on the Backcountry Pilot website : Southbound

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