Southern hospitality in Mississippi and Louisiana

Come and visit Natchez, MS but do NOT rent their airport car! For a mere $35 I rented this station wagon from the FBO and didn’t even care that it appeared to be on its last leg.
I didn’t care that the old rotted headliner was hanging in my hair, that you couldn’t lock it and crickets were making all kinds of noise from the passenger seat. What did throw me over the edge was driving it through Natchez with something biting my feet and ankles — ANTS! Lots of them!

I quickly decided to park that baby at the hotel and walk instead. It was a short 3 blocks this morning to this beautiful mansion, Stanton Hall, and I was able to take their docent led guided tour. This is one of the many Natchez homes that survived the Civil War and is well worth the $12 price of admission.

Wish I could have spent more time being a tourist but my true mission was flying the Mississippi River and that I did. I had an invitation for dinner and overnite near Natchez this evening so I spent the afternoon just flying the river.

One thing I didn’t count on was leaving my laptop at the Natchez airport. I was freaking out when I Ianded for fuel late afternoon and my computer was nowhere to be found in my tiny airplane. I made a mad dash back to the Natchez airport and found Clinton, Jennifer and Ford guarding it for me. What a relief to find it safe and sound.

But the best part of my day was the Facebook invitation from Peggy Tucker to come spend the nite in her pool house in the tiny town of Waterproof, Louisiana. She and hubby Charles have a beautiful grass strip on their farm. It was so much fun finding it, slicking on a nice landing and taxiing right up to their hangar and house. Turns out they have a Stearman AND a T-6 and my S7 fit right in the hangar with both of them.

Can you even believe it? How lucky can I be having a beautiful southern gumbo dinner at my new friend’s lovely home and spending the nite in their pool house! Wish this trip could go on forever.


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