Stephanie Rankine (Canada)

Stephanie Rankine is based Baldwin (PB9), Georgina, Ontario, Canada.

My Dad has been flying ‘forever’… we have a few planes and I was working on my pilot’s permit in our 180 hp C172 but have just switched over to training in a tailwheel now that we bought a Savage Cub.

We have had an airplane in the yard since I was a baby. It was always a float plane, but didn’t really do it for me. My dad bought a Pitts S2A and I really started to get interested… maybe the tailwheel, but certainly the aerobatics!! Now we have a Savage Cub (too) and I LOVE it. Alaska wheels and it looks tough AND adorable at the same time. Plus a whole new flying experience after my basic training in our Cessna 172. Looking forward to a winter of flying the S Cub in Canada.


Ratings: Student Pilot permit

Aircraft Flown: PItts S2A, Zlin, Cessna 172, Savage Cub, Challenger ultralight, Cessna 150

Dream Taildragger: Super Cub.. we already have a ‘sub cub’

Thoughts on taildragging: Have been in love with our PItts S2A for quite some time and am just falling in love with the Savage Cub… got 3 hours on it and working to train on it 2 or 3 hours a week.

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