Stinson 108, Implanting a seed for aviation

Thank you to Shannon Avon for sharing a little Thanksgiving with us. This may be better than turkey! 🙂

Stinson 108-1 recently restored by Shannon & Chuck Avon.

Beautiful Stinson 108-1 recently restored by Shannon & Chuck Avon.

For Thanksgiving we had the pleasure of my daughter and 2 grandchildren with us. Both seemed amazed by airplanes flying over head so we brought them to the airport where we keep both our planes. The 4 year old Natalie was a little scared but not 2 year old Eleanor. It was too windy to actually fly, but we let her and her dad go out onto the ramp and drive it around in circles. When finished she cried because it was over. She continued to try and climb back into the Stinson saying “Go for ride, please!”  Submitted by Shannon Avon

Shannon Avon granddaughter

Implanting a Seed of Aviation @ KGHM. Eleanor, Age 2

Shannon Avon Granddaughter 3

Shannon Avon Granddaughter 2

They’ve got to be thinking “We’ve got the coolest grandparents!” 🙂

Chuck & Shannon fly out of KGHM, Centerville Municipal Airport, Centerville, Tennessee.

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