Stop One. Working our way to Gaston’s!

1 Evansville, Indiana: Anne and I had great flights to Evansville this morning, a flight of two. My niece Kate lives here so while we were swooping in to pick her up we thought we might as well stay and have some fun. Our plan is to depart at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning for Gaston’s, Hope we’re able to get outta here VFR! 4 The air was bump free this morning till we dropped down to 1500′ to get under the EVV Class C airspace. The bumps were short lived though and it wasn’t long till we were in the pattern for a left downwind to Skylane Airport. SkylaneAirport2-Bigger The guys at Skylane told us to find an empty hangar and tuck them in for the night which we gladly did. Both airplanes are refueled (cheap fuel!) and ready to head out first sign of daylight. Please keep your fingers crossed the wx cooperates. Off to dinner with the gang now!! 3Come on people. Hope to see you Thursday, Friday or Saturday at our LLT Gaston’s Flyin!

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