Ray Johnson: Subsonic Aeronca Chief

Author:  Ray Johnson

Subsonic Aeronca Chief

Subsonic Aeronca Chief

Well folks, I have been forced to weigh in on the subject: Aeronca Chief VS. Aeronca Champ & their subsonic speeds. This controversy was fueld by Rich Dugger, Joe Abrahamson & our hostess, Judy Birchler. Now how could any of these folks remotely refer to me as biased? Let me explain just how fast a 65 H.P. 11AC Aeronca Chief is…….. eat your hears out Champ Pilots!

#1 – I once flew from Marion, Indiana (MZZ) to Muncie, Indiana (MIE) had lunch & returned home in one day!

#2 – We actually once in awhile have to wipe bugs off the leading edges of our Chief! (Some of these bugs were actually dead)

I am submitting a photograph of our Chief at full speed…… notice the shock waves near the leading edge of this subsonic flying machine!

Thank you Judy Birchler for the opportunity to defend myself from these accusations!

(Incredible job Judy Birchler with the job you do to promote taildragger flying, general aviation and encouraging Woman to fly!)

Subsonic Aeronca Chief

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