Sue Tholen (Maine)

Sue Tholen is based at KSFM, Sanford Regional Airport, Sanford, Maine.

New pictures from Sue Tholen! …. Actually, they’re not new at all and I owe Sue an apology. She sent me these 2 great Super Cub pictures late last summer and they got buried in my emails.  I’m sorry Sue. This just proves it – I need a new picture filing system!!

Sue Tholen & Super Cub

Sue has CFI and CFII, Airplane Single Engine Land & Sea ratings.

Posted 4/14/11 …………………….

“I was amazed to find your website – not many women pilots around, much less taildragger pilots.  I only got into it after our flight school owner got a Citabria.  I was a brand new CFI and didn’t want to be left out of the fun of the new airplane, so I made myself try it out.”

“Took me a while to master it – it really does make you a better pilot and doesn’t let you get away with bad habits or lazy feet — but I quickly fell in love with the airplane and tailwheel flying in general. Now I’m on a grass strip hunt.  Maine’s pretty good in that regard…..”

Sue is a flight instructor at Southern Maine Aviation.

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  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 09:33h, 17 January Reply

    You have a shortage of women in Maine too? I thought it was just these central states, but isn’t this great to see how many others are out there? I met a young college age girl here in WY that wants to fly. She reminds me so much of myself at that age and when we flew to look at wild horses a few days ago she mentioned that she’d never met and flew with another woman pilot before. I think we need to work hard at remembering, even though we are free to fly (unlike the battle the earliest women aviators faced), we still often face a battle of loneliness in our isolated environments. Men are great, but there is a distance in those friendships and many of us really need our women companions too.

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