Summer Papple (Canada)

Summer Papple is based at her family’s farm strip near CSX7, Sexsmith/Exeter Airport, Ontario, Canada.

Fleet Canuck flight

Our son started flight training in 2012, at age 12, with money he’d earned working on our farm. My husband and I figured that at our age we couldn’t justify the cost of learning to fly but that changed in May 2015 when we were invited to fly to a fly-in breakfast. It was my first time in a small plane and I loved it!

Right after that we signed up for ground school and started flight training. I’ve thrown myself into aviation, earning my PPL, night rating, CPL, and will soon have my Instrument rating. I’ve also completed the lengthy application process and have just received an Air Operator Certificate from Transport Canada for my business Papple Aviation – offering sightseeing, air taxi, crop scouting, and more.

We have a Cessna 172K and a grass strip on our farm that we fly out of from spring until fall, in the winter months we fly out of CPR7. I’ve had an introductory flight in a Fleet Canuck and gotten to ride along in a Super Decathlon and I look forward to gaining more experience in taildraggers.

Ratings: PPL, Night Rating, CPL, Instrument Rating (nearing completion)

Aircraft flown:
Cessna 150
Cessna 172K
Fleet Canuck

Dream taildragger: I can’t yet narrow it down to just one!

Thoughts on taildragging: I look forward to fine-tuning my skills through learning to fly a taildragger.

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