Sun ‘N Fun 2010 Blog, Opening day, Tuesday!

It was a great opening day at Sun ‘N Fun, Lakeland, Florida, although I’m sure the strong winds presented some problems for lighter aircraft.  Since we landed at Kissimmee yesterday and drove over today, I didn’t check the official weather today but can tell you the winds were awful.  Probably gusting to 22 – 25 mph which may not be too much for a tricycle gear aircraft or the warbirds but for most of the vintage taildraggers it’s just too much.  Winds aside, we’re finally here and having a great time.  Here are a few pics of our first big day!

So walking through the gate we ran into our friends Dean & Scott.

Dean & Scott Spencer with Dean’s  new LSA Aero Trek  Light Sport Aircraft

Great place to meet friends…

Welcome to the Vintage Aircraft Club

I loved meeting this little lady and hope to get to know her better!

Kate Macario with her Cessna 195

Should I tell you about the DIRTY feet you get walking endlessly around Sun ‘N Fun?! (lucky for you, no picture!)

BT13 starting the row of T6s

Interesting, fun people everywhere you look.

Happy group of guys with Piper PA18 Super Cub with tundra tires

And all kinds of exhibits and airplanes you can check out up close and personal.

Here I am drooling over a Cub Crafters on floats!

And if you’re from anywhere but Florida, you’ll love wondering around the grounds taking in views like these.

A glimpse of what you see from LSA display to flight line!

Sad shot of the airshow opening ceremony…..

A not too great shot of the airshow kick-off!

If you happen to love Aeroncas like I do, then join the Fearless Aeronca Aviators list….

Three of the guys from the Fearless Aeronca Aviators List having a great time!

These guys landed in horrific winds at Lakeland and managed to taxi and tie them down with no problems.  They tell me 4 other aircraft, none of which were taildraggers, weren’t quite so lucky landing at Sun ‘N Fun.

Here’s a better shot of the 3 Aeroncas

And I’m learning that all the good ones aren’t necessarily taildraggers!!

Judy with the Comanche guys, Dave Maddox & Wayne McCullough

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  • Susan
    Posted at 23:00h, 13 April Reply

    Great photos Judy!! Thanks for sharing for those of us who could not make it this year!!! Keep em coming and have fun!!!


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