Sun ‘n Fun. Good to Go!

I sympathize with everyone who’s flirted with the idea of flying to Florida these last few days. The sun has been shining at Sun ‘n Fun, Lakeland, Florida, all week teasing GA pilots who’ve been waiting on the weather to clear to our north. There’s only one thing that’ll keep the faithful followers of Sun ‘n Fun away and it hit with a vengeance this week – violent thunderstorms, strong winds and hail. The good news is, Florida is finally in the clear, albeit windier than some may like. Three more days of fun await at Sun ‘n Fun. Come if you can!

Abingdon Welch, founder, The Abingdon Company, having fun selling the only watches designed for female aviators.

Smoky’s here!

Faith Drewry & Lacey Smith, co-owners of the Florida Aviation Center, Tallahassee, checking out the Husky.

But hey, I got to this gorgeous Husky first and we bonded. With an 0-360 engine, spring loaded flaps and weighting in around 1350 pound empty, it’s a beefy bird compared to my S7.

Julie Thomas is here – upbeat and animated – just the way we love her!

No Birddog. No Problem. You can still own one of the coolest shirts at Sun ‘n Fun

A homebuilt, side by side Murphy, Radical, with a 205 HP Titan engine. Take that bike along!

Stranger things have happened. Lunch today at the QB headquarters!

Love the cash coins at QB

Well worn Stars & Stripes pilot’s helmet rests in the seat of a Vietnam era Hughes OH-6 helicopter

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