Sun ‘N Fun 2010 Wednesday!

It was another windy start on Wednesday and it never really let up, gusting to 28 mph from 070.  It sure put a damper on arriving Champs, Chiefs, Luscombes … well, you get the idea – any of the low & slow varieties hardly had a chance of making it in on Wednesday.  I haven’t heard any official numbers but attendance had to be on the light side.

The Entry Gate – just to make you feel like you’re here!

You really can do Sun ‘N Fun in two good days since it just doesn’t cover as much ground as Oshkosh.  Of course, planes are coming and going all the time so the adventure is seeing who’s there now that wasn’t there yesterday.

Pete and Jeanne Reed’s green & cream Stearman is first in this Stearman  line up (thanks for identifying the owners, Susan)

We carried our brand spanking new, light weight, folding camp stools and parked ourselves by the flight line just watching the amazing assortment of planes landing and taking off.  We should have had big numbers to hold up and score how they did fighting the wind!

Rides in a New Standard bi-plane on aux grass strip

As you might guess, RV’s were conspicuously in abundance.

RV8 in the company of many more RVs!

I found this Mullicoupe parked in the IAC area.

I had to jump in this picture of the Mullicoupe, a Jim Younkin & Bud Dake design

Here’s something you never see – a Callair or this sign!  This one was on the cover of Flying Magazine in 1950!

Callair 4 place – yes it really does say “Please Touch”!

The west end of 090 aux grass was the perfect spot to hang out and watch.

S2C forward slipping on short final to the grass!

I was so happy to finally meet aviation writer, Sparky Barnes Sargent, who I just happened to bump into in Vintage Aircraft.

And what a great backdrop for my picture with Sparky Barnes Sargent – Jack Hill’s gorgeous Waco!

This may be my last post from Lakeland – I seem to have come down with a bad cold or maybe the flu… just going to wait till tomorrow and see how it goes.  Glad I got to be here, either way!

  • Susan
    Posted at 22:46h, 15 April Reply

    Hey Judy!

    Hate that you’re not feeling well! 🙁 Get better soon! Was fun looking through the photos! That Green and Cream Stearman is owned and flown by friends of ours — Pete and Jeanne Reed (Yes — Jeanne knows about the Lady Taildragger fly-in!). Neat to see you standing in front of Jack Hill’s Waco too! Gorgeous bird indeed! Great to see the Callair… Andy got his private in a Callair!

    We spent the evening up at Urbana Grimes watching B25’s come out of every corner of the sky — it was awesome! Okay — so they aren’t tail draggers — but dang are they cool!!!

    Get some rest and feel better soon!!!! There is flying to be done!


  • Vickie Domke
    Posted at 11:18h, 15 April Reply

    Thanks Judy for the great pictures and updates! Keep writing!


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