Sunday 2013 AirVenture

One of the great things to do at AirVenture is sit your rear down alongside a runway and watch the arriving aircraft come streaming in. I found time this afternoon to park my camping stool in front of the green dot on runway 27, a near perfect spot to watch the show. Who needs an airshow when there’s a half dozen planes on downwind & base and another 3 or 4 or 5 …. on final. It’s a sight to behold.

IMG_3662I did manage to finally pull myself away from rating the arriving aircraft so I could check out some beautiful tails, cowls, and more.


IMG_3678The T-6’s should get 1st place for gorgeous cowls and original artwork. Course they’re the only warbirds I had time to take in today but I loved what I saw.




IMG_3683Found this Bamboo Bomber (above) sittin’ pretty along side a Cessna T-50 (below). Both rare and beautiful old twin taildraggers.


I’m looking forward to the official opening day at AirVenture tomorrow and visiting with some lady taildragger pilots. Let me know if you’re here and have time to get together.


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