Susan Crandall’s “The Flying Circus”

Susan Crandall speaking to EAA Chapter

Susan Crandall speaking to EAA Chapter 67

On my way to Noblesville!

On my way to Noblesville!

At EAA chapter meetings I frequent, it’s unusual for a woman to be the guest speaker. So unusual that I jumped through hoops last night to get to Noblesville, Indiana’s EAA Chapter 67 monthly meeting. Running late, I debated driving or flying to the meeting; drive 30 minutes to the meeting or drive 15 minutes to my airport then fly 10 minutes to the meeting?  Not much doubt how that worked out!

Best-selling, award-winning author Susan Crandall came to discuss her new book “The Flying Circus”, published by Simon & Schuster and released for sale today, July 7. Susan chose this location to kick off her 3 week long book signing tour for one very special reason. Her deceased father, an avid pilot and passionate aircraft home-builder was a long time member of EAA Chapter 67. It was a special treat to have Susan speak to our group and a heartfelt way to honor her aviator father. She shared many fun stories about the man who loved, lived and breathed flying and who was the inspiration for this book.

The Flying Circus

If you’re wondering what the book is about, it’s time I fill you in. It’s fiction, set in the early years of aviation, the 1920’s. It’s about adventure, romance, danger and daredevils.

  • “Every detail sings,and every character will touch your heart in this rip-roaring tale of three daredevils on the run.” – Melanie Benjamin, NYT Bestselling author of The Aviators Wife.
  • “An engaging road saga.” – Kirkus Reviews
  • “Compelling characters and a fascinating setting make this journey a sheer joyride.” – Lynn Cullen, author of Twains End
  • “A spirited, big-hearted tale.” – Beth Hoffman, author of Looking for Me.

Edee from Walley’s Book Reviews tells it best:

Get ready to go on a trip back to the roaring twenties, 1923 to be exact, and the early days of aviation when you immerse yourself in Susan Crandall’s latest book The Flying Circus. Henry Schuler is on the run from the law and has a fortuitous encounter with aviator Charles “Gil” Gilchrist and the rebellious Cora Rose Haviland.  Henry quickly sees that joining together with Gil would be Henry’s fastest way out of Indiana. Cora also wants to join Gil’s barnstorming act to satisfy her quest for adventure and to escape her own restrictive life.  Gil agrees to take Henry along for the next leg of his journey but has no desire to add Cora to the party.  Cora has other ideas and you rapidly learn that Cora always gets her way.  Thus, The Mercury Daredevils are born with Cora Rose doing motorcycle stunts with her canine companion Mercury, Gil stunning young and old alike with his flying prowess and Henry acting as salesperson and mechanic.  The journeys of these three misfits make for addictive reading.

Susan Crandall does an excellent job bringing the Roaring 20s to life.  Her vivid  descriptions of barnstorming and aviation races really have an authentic feel.  She  created a visual experience through her writing and I felt like I was there viewing the planes and races myself, or even riding along with Cora Rose and Gil.

The book also addresses the changing role of women during the 20s and how a person of German ancestry was treated following the war.  You get a sense of how soldiers were effected by the war and the difficulty adjusting to life back home.  Link Walley’s Book Reviews

The Flying Circus

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