Susan & Judy go flying!

Hope all of your Memorial Weekends were as filled with flying fun as mine! Susan Theodorelos invited us to meet her and husband, Andy, along with a few other friends, for lunch at Grimes Field, Urbana, Ohio.  Its a one hour, plus, flight in my Champ, and I’ve been there enough to know it has a great restaurant on the airport (that serves delicious homemade pies) and makes it a good spot to meet other hungry aviators & aviatrixes.  Andy took a few pictures for us.

The lineup; Pete Heins’ Cub, Andy Heins’ Cabin Waco, Susan Theodorelos’ RNF Waco & Judy’s Champ

Departing Grimes Field for a formation flight to Moraine meant flying down a narrow chute of uncontrolled airspace between Wright-Patterson AFB and Springfield-Beckley Airport and Susan lead the way.

Susan leading in her RNF Waco trailed by Judy in the Champ

Susan leading in her RNF Waco trailed by Judy in the Champ

The slowest plane in the group, I got to be right wing man in the Champ while the Cub amazed the heck out of me and zipped around while the Cabin Waco circled us all taking pictures.  That’s the fastest Cub I’ve seen.

Urbana to Moraine Airport flight

Formation Urbana to Moraine flight

At Moraine, since you can only hangar fly so long on a beautiful but hot day, and with the mother radial fan offering to cool us both off, Susan and I headed off for my 1st Waco ride.

Hold on baby, its Judy’s 1st flight with Susan!

Helmets and headsets on, Susan fired up the radial and with the air blowing and the engine roaring (compared to the Champ at least) full throttle and we took off!

Beautiful departure shot in the RNF

I loved every minute of that flight – especially the part when I took the controls for a few minutes!  If you’re not one of the lucky few that own one of these beautiful old birds (or somehow gets to fly somebody else’s)  jump at any chance you get to hop in one and go around the patch.  I feel extremely lucky to say that not only did I get to fly with another passionate lady taildragger, but that I got to fly in HER 1930 RNF Waco!!

95 degrees out there but very COOL flight!

Thanks Susan & Andy!

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