Susan Neal (New York)

I’m delighted to introduce you to our newest LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ member, Susan Neal. Susan registered for LLT membership on-line a few days ago and when I opened the file with all her information, including pictures, I gasped. Looking back at me was former LadiesLoveTaildraggers member Elaine Huf’s gorgeous Baby Stinson 10A. If you’ve followed this blog and our ladies for a while, you will remember Elaine. She was fun, loved to fly vintage aircraft, encouraged young people to fly and flew her own aircraft to many fly-ins educating children and adults about the joy of flying. She was killed, along with her pilot husband Tom, September 2013 returning to PA from the Blakesburg, Iowa fly-in in their Bamboo Bomber. Hanging in my living room is one of the last pictures taken of Elaine and Tom sitting under the wing of their Cessna T-50 at Blakesburg, the day before they died. It’s bittersweet having Elaine’s, now Susan’s, Baby Stinson back in the LadiesLoveTaildraggers family. We’ve come full circle and I’m thrilled Susan has joined our group. I can’t wait to meet you Susan and this sweet little taildragger!

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Susan Neal’s Baby Stinson, 10A

Susan Neal is based at 1I5, Freehold Airport, Freehold, New York.

I have been married on my airline pilot husband Sean for 12 years. We bought our first plane in 2009, a 1940 Fairchild 24. But it wasn’t until 2015 when I purchased Elaine Huf’s Baby Stinson that I decided to get my license. I knew Elaine and Tom after spending weekends with them at the WWII Weekend Reading, PA airshow. I helped Elaine with the Civil Air Patrol insignia she placed on the Stinson. After the accident, I looked for a year for her plane and finally found it on Ebay. I fly it in her honor.

Elaine Huf with her Baby Stinson that I have named Miss Elaine in her memory.

Sue Neal in Stinson

Stinson & Fairchild

I am a student pilot learning to fly on my 1941 Stinson 10A

Aircraft flown: 1940 Fairchild 24, 1941 Stinson 10A

Dream Taildragger: I would love to fly a DC3.

I fell in love with taildraggers during my first visit to Oshkosh. I love the WWII era high wings. The beauty of the Stinson Reliant’s gull wing helped me choose to purchase our Fairchild 24. People say learning to fly in a taildragger is tricky, but I have never done a takeoff or landing with tricycle gear.

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