Susan’s Great Summer!

Finally, a flying update from Susan Theodorelos! Of all the aviation sorts I’ve met, Susan probably spends more time either in the air or at the airport than anybody I know. If that doesn’t make you love her, then you should also know she’s one of the kindest, most likable, laid back and generous people you’ll ever meet.  Smiley

We have a new airplane.... Andy sold the Waco 10 project and bought a Rearwin Skyranger!Â

It’s been a wild and fast paced summer!  We certainly have had a great time!  I got my pin from the Young Eagles Program for carrying 10 or more YE in 2011.  That’s pretty good considering you do it one kid at a time!  I just started flying YE’s in July!

Been getting back to work on my second RNF 863V. A 'little' accident when test fitting the N struts resulted in some damage to the center section. So we cut an inspection hole to see if it could be repaired without having to tear off all the fabric. So creative ingenuity and fine fabric work - we have the repair complete without having to recover the entire center section. So we can complete the test fit of the wings and all the controls -- then get ready to cover the fuselage this winter. With any luck at all and a lot of elbow grease -- we hope to see if fly next year!

I’ve also been helping our dear friend Eric Zimmerman with the wing on the UPF-7 — have now learned how to lace ribs and will help him lay tapes.

We had such a great time with Summer, Chrissy and Jerry while they were here it was heartbreaking to see them go! So we would take turns sending "heart" photos back and forth! Here is the whole "Moraine Gang" sending hearts to Summer, Chrissy & Jerry!


This was a very special treat -- Taking my dear friend Eric Zimmerman for a ride in the Student Prince!! (Aug 2011)


Waco RNF sitting in the line up of Waco tails at the Waco Museum fly-in (Sep 2011)


Gorgeous photo of me flying at the National Waco Club fly-in - Photo credit to Brady Lane of EAA. (June 2011)


Our dear friend and member of the "Moraine Gang" started hanging out with us in May. All it takes is a little time hanging around airplanes and Patrick has now started taking lesson and solo'd in a little over 8 hours!


Me and Kathie Lucas in the Citabria -- we flew the whole Lucas Family and Patrick for their first $100.00 breakfast at Urbana this past weekend! (Sep 2011)


This cute little Golden Retriever puppy was visiting the Waco Museum for the Flyin and when I found out what her name was I had to have a picture with her..... SUMMER!


Beacon - my new mascot was found neglected in a dust bin at the Dollar store. Summer and Chrissy brought Beacon to the airport (his name is written on duct tape on his nose band!) and put him my plane. Beacon even has his own Facebook page now! He has been known to sit in airplanes where ever he goes!


Another great photo taken by EAA Photographer Brady Lane at the National Waco Club fly-in.


Flying back from Waco Field in Troy - with my brother-in-law Pete Heins off my wing in the one and only Waco CRG! That 350hp super charged Wright engine can be heard clearly over my little 145hp Warner engine!


And our dear friend Herbie (WWII P-47 Pilot) taking a ride with Summer in the Student Prince!

  • Jennifer Strother
    Posted at 07:21h, 16 September Reply

    Susan, so glad to see you and your career. Not sure if you remember me but thought I would reach out.
    Jennifer Strother ( last name was Hulme at OCS).

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 11:06h, 10 October Reply

    Beautiful pictures. I don’t know how I’m going to convince my husband that we need an open cockpit bi-plane.

    • Susan Theodorelos
      Posted at 15:29h, 12 October Reply

      Easy Lisa… just bring him over here on one of these gorgeous fall evenings… we’ll take him up and he’ll get the bug! 🙂 We always tell people — the first ride is free… the second one in an open cockpit can get really expesnive – because you end up buying one! 🙂

  • tina thomas
    Posted at 08:53h, 07 October Reply

    You Rock Susan!

  • Kathie
    Posted at 05:21h, 07 October Reply

    The Lucas family is so fortunate to have shared so much of the summer with Susan and the rest of the “family!” Things don’t seem to be slowing down any just because it’s Fall!

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