Taildragger 101

Photo: Amber Phillips

Photo: Amber Phillips


When it comes to your level of experience flying taildraggers, you probably fall somewhere between ‘Taildragger Pilot Extraordinaire’ and ‘Taildragger Pilot Wannabe’. Granted, we all want to be counted among the ‘Extraordinaire’ pilots but truth is, all taildragger pilots began their flying careers in the ‘Wannabe’ crowd. Some are just beginning to learn the nuances of flying a bird with a tiny wheel in the back and others could write a book about it.

We have many student pilots, low time pilots and pilots who fly infrequently who visit LadiesLoveTaildraggers. I’d like to suggest that we as a group, women & men, our seasoned, experienced, knowledgeable tailwheel pilots, take it upon themselves to mentor site visitors to LadiesLoveTaildraggers. You know who you are and what knowledge you might generously share with our followers. Maybe a tidbit about basic stick and rudder skills, maybe a specific maneuver that keeps you safe or maybe a valuable lesson learned.

I have to say, my luck has not been good when I’ve asked for contributions to website content in the past. People are shy and do not want the light to shine upon them. I understand that. I also understand the potential benefit to others far outweighs a moment of shyness you may have. There is a wealth of knowledge among our members and guests and I hope you are willing to share a tiny bit of it. Write just a little or write a lot, it’s all good. Please submit using the following form. A minimum of one picture is required but the more pictures the better. It might be a picture of you and a taildragger you fly or anything remotely connected.

It is HIGHLY recommended you save a copy of your blog post to a clipboard or file before hitting “Submit”. Thank you very much and please allow 48 hours for your post to be reviewed. If you have any problems with the form please email me at LadyTaildraggers@gmail.com.

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