Tales of Timeless Wings by Sparky Barnes Sargent

Great news for everyone interested in the history and preservation of the antique & vintage aircraft we love and love to read about. Lady taildragger pilot and aviation author Sparky Barnes Sargent has a new book out! I met Sparky at Sun ‘N Fun a couple years ago and appreciate her talent and focus on aviation history.

“Tales of Timeless Wings” conveys the stories of more than a dozen pilots who have devoted a great portion of their lives to the preservation of aircraft that have been in their families for decades. This collection of stories highlights each family’s participation in flying, maintaining, and restoring these airplanes—in many cases, as they passed from one generation to the next. A number of these aircraft were even designed and built by family members. It is pilots such as these who are safeguarding and perpetuating our aviation history—and having fun while doing so!

Tales of Timeless Wings is authored by Sparky Barnes Sargent, with a foreword by Norm Goyer, and is published by DGA Enterprises, Inc. 6”x9” paperback. 236 pages with 401 photos, including an insert with color photos of 24 airplanes.

ISBN: 978-0-9818238-1-2
For more information, visit http://home.windstream.net/av8terz/book2.html or contact dgaenterprises@windstream.net

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