Tammie Searles (Texas)

Tammie Searles is based at T82, Gillespie County Airport, Fredericksburg, Texas.

I soloed a Schweizer 233 on my 14th birthday. I’m from a flying family. I’ve been a glider instructor, tow pilot (Pawnees) and general recreational pilot.

Ratings: SEL, MEL, CFIG, Commercial Glider

Aircraft flown: Aeronca Champ, Pawnee, Citabria, Cessna 150, 172, 182SP, GLIDERS: Stemme Motorglider, Puchasz, Grob 103, PW5, ASK 21, DG 300, Schweizer 2-33, and 1-26.

Dream Taildragger: Super Cub

Thoughts on taildragging: It keeps your attention and they are fun.


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