Tammy Farrell (Alaska)

Tammy Farrell is based at PASX, Soldotna Airport, Soldotna, Alaska.

N2930D, Cessna 170. I flew “Blacky” C170 from Hayward, CA to Frederick, Maryland solo to go to my sister’s wedding.  My first stop was Laramie WY.  Had 10 more gallons of fuel, but I had to go to the bathroom after 8 hours!!! 

We are living in a small cabin and all of my “taildragger” pictures are packed away in a connex and under about 2+ feet of snow.

Clam digging, Cook Inlet, S of Anchorage

My favorite was a 7ECA Citabria N5506C, but we sold it and it went to Miami, FL. I have most of my taildragger time in a Cessna 170, 2930D, that we also sold.  Now I fly a 210hp C175 and we are building up a PA16.

Kustatan River Alaska. Landing on the strip to go Silver Salmon fishing.

I’d like to find a Vagabond.  My husband and I live in Soldotna, Alaska where we operate an aircraft maintenance and rebuild business.  Even though I’m an A&P IA, I usually get stuck doing all the paperwork.

Glacier above Kenai Lake, Cooper Landing

Bears at Big River Lakes

I’d love to go to Uganda and see the giraffes crossing the runways!!! (See the international post on this sight).  I like this sight.  Maybe we need to start an Alaska division!

Samuel Airstrip, Kenai, we call it Daisy Strip

Tammy Farrell
Soldotna, Alaska
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