Tanille DeLair (Florida)

Tanille DeLair is based at 23N, Bayport Aerodrome, Bayport, New York.

Tanille DeLair4

Hello Lady Taildraggers! My name is Tanille DeLair and I’ve been in love with taildraggers for 10 years. The Aventura II made by Aero Adventure is the love of my life. She is an experimental amphibious 2 place bird that is powered with a 100hp Rotax engine.

Tanille DeLair2

Slow and low and here we go! I just flew her from Southern Florida to Long Island, NY (we took the scenic route though the Abacos) and we will be returning to Florida in September. I am currently working on my instructor rating and just signed a dealership agreement with Aero Adventure this morning!

Tanille DeLair

The sky has really opened up to me as have the waterways since I got my seaplane rating and I hope to share this joy with many others. If you find yourself in Long Island this summer or in Southern Florida this winter and you are interested in a demonstration ride, let me know!  

Tanille DeLair3

Tanille DeLair

Key Largo, FL & Long Island, NY

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