Tara Hackler (Oregon)

Tara Hackler is based at 6K5, Sisters Airport, Sisters, Oregon and currently flies a C172. If that’s not enough good news, she also has applied for our “Ladies Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship” and is hoping to add “taildraggin” to her list of accomplishments very soon!

It just so happens our LLT tailwheel endorsement is being donated by the very person pictured below, Brian Lansburgh, from Tailwheel Town. It makes my day to see Brian busy as always encouraging pilots to fly taildraggers. He is a top-notch flight instructor who teaches Tailwheel Endorsement courses as well as a Stick and Rudder Master Class for pilots who would like to hone their skills. See more at: Tailwheelers Journal Flight Instruction

Scholarship applications are being accepted until June 15, 2014. Best of luck to Tara and all other applicants!

Tara Hackler and Brian Lansburgh

Tara Hackler and Brian Lansburgh

Hello, I am 35 and I actually have a 172. I just happen to live next to the world famous Brian Lansburgh. He has made me very curious about taildraggers.

Tara Hackler fueling her C172

He is educating me greatly!

Tara Hackler with 2 planes

 Tara C. Hackler

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