Teri Branstitre (Oregon)

Teri Branstitre is based at KVUO, Pearson Field Airport,Vancouver, Washington.

Piper J5 

I’m a student pilot initially learning in a 1941 Piper J5 Cub.  I loved flying the slow taildragger and plan to go back to it as soon as I have access to a plane.


Teri Branstitre


From Judy…..Welcome to student pilot, Teri Branstitre! I Googled Teri’s airport and was very surprised.

KVUO airport 

Pacific Northwest Flying had some good info and this tidbit may have been the best. “It’s fall. Gray, drippy and dark. Fly when you can.”

KVUO is the oldest operating airport in the United States (first used in 1905!), Pearson Field is a great general aviation facility serving Vancouver, WA and the surrounding area. Pearson is notable for a number of reasons besides its claim to being the oldest airport in the country.  The airport is located within the Vancouver National Historic Reserve – there’s an aviation museum on the field (the Pearson Air Museum) and it’s adjacent to the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, another great fly-in attraction.

Pearson is also very close to Portland International Airport, which sits just 2 miles to the southeast, and whose approaches come v-e-r-y close to Pearson’s traffic pattern.  Note that Pearson sits in a Class Delta cutout, and you must contact PDX Tower before entering it (or before departing) – be sure to study the chart and be prepared for the unorthodox airspace you will encounter there.


  • Casey Erickson
    Posted at 09:19h, 25 October Reply

    Yay Teri!! Cool to see your getting your pilots license.

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 08:06h, 21 October Reply

    I hope you can get back to flying soon. What happen to this J-5 that you were flying?

    • Teri Branstitre
      Posted at 14:39h, 27 October Reply

      I am still training, just not in the J5. Due to some mechanical problems, I had to transition to a C172 and will complete my training in that aircraft. Once I have my Pvt, I will go back to the J5 for my TW endt.

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