Terri Hull’s new wings!

Terri Hull license plate

What more proof do you need that this lady is a TRUE taildragger girl?!! Terri Hull from Indiana not only owns and flies a Cessna 140, she also recently purchased a Hatz bi-plane.

Terri Hull FB

Terri says, “Best thing I over heard today is when I stopped in for fuel with my new (to me) airplane. As I shut down and took off my helmet I heard, “That’s a Woman!”  LOL! Loved it!!!”

Terri Hull FB4

(Terri, you’re not that far from MQJ. You gotta get over here in your pretty new bi-plane! Let’s meet for lunch at BAK sometime. Anybody else close enough, join us!! Judy)

Terri Hull FB5

Terri and her “new” Hatz CB-1 “Sky Gypsy II”.

Terri Hull FB6

Terri’s got a GREAT life. She flies for NetJets as a day job and get’s to fly her two great taildraggers in her down time!

Terri Hull plane-small-300x225

Take note ladies. Follow your dreams. Fly often. Study hard. Get your ratings. Don’t take NO for an answer. This could be YOU!  Send me a note if you’d like to contact Terri directly.

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