Terri Vrbancic (Ohio)

Terri's 1946 Taylorcraft

Terri owns & flies her 1946 Taylorcraft BC12D1 and is based in Ohio.

“I fell in love with taildraggers after taking an intro course to aerobatics in a C150 Aerobat.  Since then I have flown in several aerobatic contests in borrowed airplanes such as a Pitts S2B, Christen Eagle and a Decathalon. ”

1946 Taylorcraft

“One of my favorites is a little homebuilt SE5 (French WWI) replica.  It only has one seat and when I was offered the chance to fly it, I was a relatively new tailwheel pilot.  I jumped at the chance without thinking about it.  As I taxied out to the grass strip one of the tires came off and I had to taxi back.  After that was taken care of I managed to get off the ground.  As soon as I was airborne, my first thought was “Oh crap, now I have to land” and I had an audience of about 10 older guys (including my tailwheel instructor who is in his 80s).  Fortunately, I landed just fine and gained several new friends from that audience.”

Terri Vrbancic's Taylorcraft

Terri can be reached at doublet@bright.net.

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    Beautiful T-craft!!!

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