Thank you for getting a Lady Taildragger Pilot to C77

Two weeks before the LadiesLoveTaildraggers C77 Fly-in I posted about “Giving a Hand Up to a Lady Taildragger Pilot”. I wanted to help one special lady taildragger pilot who was temporarily down on her luck, get to Poplar Grove for our fly-in. Five generous people clicked the Paypal button and came to her rescue; Julie Thomas, Bill Tracy, Sharon Tinkler, Anne Wright and Nothing New Aviation. We raised $185 very quickly and I am grateful. My plan was always to make up any difference in expenses from my stashed away LLT tshirt sales profit which has always gone to keep the website up and running and pay for other donations and LLT giveaways. Unfortunately, that lovely lady did not make it to C77 because of oversold airline seats and a standby flight ticket. It was very sad. We learned something and won’t repeat it next year.

Then there was a second lady taildragger pilot who had registered to attend but cancelled due to lack of funds at the last minute. I was able to step forward and get her to and from C77. She came – she participated – she appreciated – and had a wonderful time. It only took $350 to make it happen and my tshirt money stash got the difference paid. Thank you to those that contributed!

LadiesLoveTaildraggers offers flight training scholarships every year. I’m throwing it out there now, but in 2018, wouldn’t it be nice to offer a couple ladies who otherwise could not attend, the opportunity to fly to our next LadiesLoveTaildraggers annual fly-in where ever it happens to be? I know someone’s going to say just let her ride along with someone else that’s already coming. Truth is, it’s a very big country and lady taildragger pilots are few and far between. Most women that fly to our fly-ins already have extra seats filled.

I need fresh ideas so please comment with suggestions.

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