Thanks everyone for another GREAT fly-in!

Thank you to everyone who fought their way to our LadiesLoveTaildraggers flyin at Gaston’s in Arkansas. Of the 5 flyins we’ve hosted so far, the weather for this one was by far the worst! “Weather” words that come to mind are foggy, cloudy, rainy and low ceilings and on the way home, windy..It wasn’t easy for anybody to get to Gaston’s so thank you again to those who made it in.

I flew in Wednesday in my S7 and Anne Wright flew alongside in her Supercub. Thursday, our early arrival day, things looked pretty shaky for a fly-in – it was just a couple lonely planes and a bunch of ducks enjoying the soupy conditions.

But gradually, albeit temporarily, the weather  improved and little by little taildraggers started arriving.


The Friday flyout lunch to Walnut Ridge Airport was a hoot. The Parachute Inn Restaurant is on the field with seating inside a retired Boeing 737. The 737 pilots in our group seemed to get a kick out of the creative reuse of the old bird and were happy the grub was good and they weren’t eating airline food.

IMG_6012IMG_6006 IMG_6009


For a short event with crummy flying conditions, we somehow managed to get time in the air and have plenty of fun on the ground too. Hope you enjoyed the Twitter feed and all the pictures on Facebook and the website the last four days. More later!!


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