The 2013 LLT Fly-in Video!!

The 2013 Lady Taildraggers Fly-in video is ready! Thanks to all the hearty souls who navigated around weather and endured strong winds to get to our fly-in! To those that nixed flying and drove, some long distances, thank you for finding your way to Savannah, TN.

OK, ready? Turn up the volume – you’ll want to hear this loud and clear!

Lots of thank yous are in order but nobody deserves a bigger one than Montill Warren. Montill’s the Savannah-Hardin County Airport manager and worked tirelessly getting her airport ready for our fly-in, preparing and arranging for all the meals and more. THANK YOU Montill! And Montill will be the first to tell you Paul and Scott worked along side her, refueling planes and taking care of every last detail. THANK YOU guys.

We also need a big group hug for everything these individuals did to make this a great fly-in: Byron Conaway, Jay P, Laura & John, Alexis Ludewig & Jerry Sherwood, Val, Heather & Jim Slocum, Pattie, Sydney & David Barnes, Kelly Jeffries, Katie Mullins, Anne Wright, Bob Barrows, Sandy Maurer, Larry, Diana Dickerson, Bob Pedigo & Bob Minter.

Some people headed home with fabulous door prizes & awards also! THANK YOU – THANK YOU to those who generously donated to LLTs:

Byron Conaway (All the steaks for Saturday night dinner, Lightspeed headset, Icom Transceiver, and lots more!)

Bruce’s Custom Covers (1 Custom Cover) (Get a 10% discount on orders using Code LLT2013)

Lightspeed (Zulu.2 Headset)

David Clark (Headset)

Anne-Marie LaPointe (Rotax watch)

Julie Vessigault (Books, Magazines & $100 aviation jewelry gift card)

Icom (flight bags)

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty (Gift cards, Leathermen)

The Claw (tiedown system)

Arnold Blenkenship (Case Oil)

Phoenix Graphix (Jerri Mock’s Book “38C”)

Savannah-Hardin Co Airport (100 gallons fuel)

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