The 2020 Ladies Love Taildraggers Scholarship Winners Are ……

I always look forward to this time of year because announcing our scholarship winners is such a joy! Applicants spend the months of January & February writing, editing, tweaking, then finally submitting their scholarship applications. Then the evaluations begin; the difficult process of determining our winners. Finally, after much review and debate, applications are narrowed down to a ‘short-list’, and in some cases phone interviews are conducted. When all is said and done, at last, our winners are identified!

As you know, the mission of LadiesLoveTaildraggers is to encourage more women to fly taildraggers. That is exactly what our scholarship program accomplished this year by awarding four Tailwheel Endorsement scholarships. We also want to encourage top-notch taildragger flying skills so we’ve awarded two advanced tailwheel training scholarships.

Drum-roll please…….

The winners are:


Scholarship #1, Alaska Back-country Scholarship donated by Blue River Aviation

Scholarship #1 provided by  Blue River Aviation, Alaska Back-country Flying Scholarship. This course includes 5 hours with an instructor in a Supercub doing glacier training and off-airport landings. It was very generously donated by Blue River Aviation, Palmer, Alaska.  If you’re considering a back-country training course, please contact Blue River Aviation about training options available.





Scholarship Winner Jeanette Stone

Scholarship Winner #1: Jeanette Stone from Grapevine, Texas. Jeanette is a 27 year old “struggling CFI who loves to teach tailwheel!”

“My long term goals are to continue adventurous routes in aviation. I dream of flying people in remote areas to offer tours, training, transportation or provide aid. ”

“I always knew I wanted to be a pilot but I had to make some real sacrifices to obtain my aspirations. So I lived in a utility trailer that I turned into a camper (no bathroom) for 5 years just so I could afford flight training on a waitress income. I washed airplanes and worked in the hangar for flight hours. I took my camper to multiply airports to receive training, moving with the seasons.”


CFI Rebecca Cozad donated scholarship #2 Denali Mountain Flight Training

Scholarship #2 provided by Rebecca Cozad, Denali Mountain Flight Scholarship, Talkeetna,  Alaska. Includes 2 plus hours ground instruction on the mountain operations, geography, geology, mountain flying considerations and a 2.0 – 3.0 flight returning to Talkeetna. Covered are mountain flying techniques, in general and specific to this giant mountain, as well as the procedures to be flown due to heavy tourism air taxis and glacier landings. Survival gear provided during this stunning flight.

Rebecca is a former glacier pilot for several Talkeetna air taxis, a 28 year CFI, and current airline pilot.



Scholarship Winner Jenna Witt

Scholarship Winner #2:  Jenna Witt from Sterling, AK. Jenna is a 32 year old BP Operations Team Leader whose current position will be eliminated early summer.

Jenna has access to a Supercub and will fly it from Sterling to Telkeetna for training. Rebecca Cozad has generously donated her skill as a CFI for this training.

“My dream job would be to fly small aircraft around the back-country for an outfitter or transporter. I also understand that building time with a commercial air carrier would provide hours and exposure to a different type of flying. A CFI changed a poor solo experience I had with stalls, with extra training and enabled me to relax and continue my flight training – and I’d like to pay that forward some day with sights on becoming a CFI.”

Daryl Hickman,, donated #3 Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship

Scholarship #3 provided by Daryl Hickman, Cub, Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship, Flagler Beach, Florida.

Flight training in a Legend Cub.  Learn the art and science behind operating an aircraft with conventional gear; Improve stick and rudder skills; Learn the appropriate uses of forward and slide slips; endorsement for tailwheel operations sign-off received upon proficiency. Aircraft and CFI time generously donated by Daryl Hickman, fuel covered by LadiesLoveTaildraggers. Pilots interested in obtaining a tailwheel endorsement, please consider supporting Daryl Hickman at! 





Scholarship Winner Lisa Mills



Scholarship Winner #3: Lisa Mills from Memphis, Tennessee. Lisa is a 27 year old office manager at Dewitt Spain Airport, Memphis. She is a Commercial & Instrument rated pilot with Complex and High Performance endorsements.

“I am currently funding my schooling through interest-free credit cards and have been putting as much as I can towards my monthly payments. I am currently working on my CFI and hope to be working as a flight instructor soon. This is an endorsement I need but have not had enough money to make possible.”



CFI Christine Mortine donated Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship #4


Scholarship #4 Provided by Christine Mortine, Christine Aviation, Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship. Based at Columbus, Ohio, Christine is an AOPA Air Safety Institute Presenter, Designated Pilot Examiner, CFI, CFII, & MEI. She is also the Ohio State Liaison for the Recreational Aviation Foundation and generously donated this scholarship. If you’re interested in obtaining your Tailwheel Endorsement, please contact Christine at Christine Aviation




TW Endorsement scholarship winner Laura Matheson


Scholarship Winner #4: Laura Matheson from Gloucester, Ontario, Canada. Laura is 22 years old and a Customer Service Representative at Porter Airlines. She has a Canadian Private Pilot’s Licence, Night Rating and Seaplane Endorsement and is currently working on a Canadian Commercial Pilot’s Licence.

“Following the completion of my Seaplane endorsement, and learning the statistics on conscious drowning with regards to float plane pilots, I went on to pursue Aviation Egress Training which focuses on how to escape capsized float planes. Since then, I have experienced a real in–flight emergency, and credit the hours of proactive training I had that resulted in a safe outcome for all. ”



Scholarship #5 & #6 Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarships purchased by LLT from Big Q Aviation, Midlothian, Texas. Tailwheel training includes ground school and flying their 1940 J-3 Cub. For tailwheel endorsements the student must show proficiency in tailwheel for normal and crosswind landings. Usually 5 full days should be allotted to receive the endorsement; time varies by student – proficiency is key. Big Q Aviation can be reached at Big Q Aviation.




TW Endorsement Scholarship Winner Deidre Payette


Scholarship Winner #5: Deidre Payette from Bakersfield, California. Deidre is a 44 year old mother of 7

“My spark happened at a very young age during my first flight en route to America for my adoption. This wondrous “flying house” took me to a new life and boundless possibilities. One of ten orphans being transported to our new families, I was the only one curious and brave enough to question the pilots about flying. I had never seen an airplane and wanted to learn everything I could before arriving in the US. Every time I looked up to the sky during my youth, I understood how a flight could take me on new adventures. I have been unstoppable since earning my certificate!”

“Many women tell me they can’t be a pilot because they have kids. It is with great pleasure that I tell them that I have seven children and it did not stop me from achieving my dream nor does it stop me from flying. I want to be a positive influence and inspire women to accomplish their goals.”

TW Endorsement Scholarship Winner Susan Haass

Scholarship Winner #6: Susan Haass from Cypress, Texas. Susan is 65 years old and is focusing on an entire new career as a CFI in her “retirement” years.

“Flying airplanes and, in a few years, teaching others to fly them, has become much more than a hobby; it is my passion. I haven’t been able to push as hard as I would like; in large respect, the cost has been part of that. There’s only so much money, and as with everyone else, it only goes so far. Being able to get a scholarship for the Tailwheel Endorsement would help me achieve that particular goal this year, which would be such a large boost in my plans for the future. It would most definitely help me reach the goal of teaching others faster than I can without it.”

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