The countdown to the LLT Flyin begins!!

I finally feel like it’s close enough to start my personal countdown to our LadiesLoveTaildraggers Flyin!! 🙂  Every day between now and departure, it’ll be “X-days” till I’m loaded up and flying south, first to pick up my niece Kate in Evansville, IN. Once the two of us are buckled in, look out Gaston’s “HERE WE COME!”

Kate & Judy

But first things first, right! If you are coming to our May 30 – June 1 LLT Flyin at Gaston’s Airpark, Arkansas, please review each of the following documents. It may seem like a lot, but each has important information relating to arrivals, our Saturday Poker Run and the itinerary for the event. There’s also a link to SkyVector for the Poker Run flight plan.



SkyVector Poker Run Flight Plan

2014 LLT Flyin Parking and Camping




If the weather cooperates we’re going to have a crowd. Come prepared to have a great time and don’t forget your tiedowns, fold-up lawn chairs & sunscreen.

If you’re coming and have not yet registered, please do so. We need a firm head count for the restaurant so registration is necessary.

The link includes a video for first timers landing at Gastons and the Registration form link is at the very end.

Our Friday flyout lunch is to KARG Walnut Ridge Airport – if you’re not arriving till Friday you can meet us there. Lunch is buffet style inside the Parachute Inn’s 737 and take in the Wings of Honor Museum while you’re there too.

We’ve got a big evening planned for Saturday, May 31. Dinner’s at 6:30 and includes a live auction to benefit the Wounded Warriors. Several have donated products to the LadiesLoveTaildraggers “Ladies Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship” also so it should be a great evening.

Don’t forget to end your day Friday and Saturday at Gaston’s hangar for Gaston’s famous fire roasted kettle cobbler! Bring your lawn chairs.

FYI to the ladies who fly nosewheel aircraft, PLEASE come to Gaston’s. We’d love to show you why we love our taildraggers!!

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