The Documentary “Barnstorming”

Lady taildragger Susan Theodorelos has had many flying adventures but none so well documented as the documentary movie “Barnstorming”.  You know Susan – its her home airport where the August Lady Taildraggers Fly-in will be held!  The idea for the movie began in the spirit of 1930’s barnstorming and Susan can be seen flying her 1930 Waco RNF and husband, Andy, his 1934 Waco YKC-S. It’s an amazing true story that began in a dark green plot of alfalfa on a dairy farm and has turned into a real life tradition. If you love the idea of old time barnstorming, taildraggers, kids and rural family life you may want to see this one!

The picture says it all!


Susan Theodorelos barnstorming in her 1930 Waco RNF

For more information on the project, making of the movie or to buy the DVD visit BARNSTORMING, Friends Really Can Drop Out Of the Sky! ….and check out the movie trailer!

  • Susan
    Posted at 17:51h, 27 May Reply

    Hey Christina 🙂

    It is a cool story! If you haven’t seen the entire movie I strongly recommend getting it — I was there… I’ve seen it probably 100 times and I STILL get that same squishy, good feeling people get when they see it the first time! Paul and Bryan did a tremendous job putting the film together. It’s great to show at fly-ins and different events to spark that “learn to fly” bug too!


  • christina chapman
    Posted at 13:54h, 27 May Reply

    What a cool story. Inspiring others in this heart-felt way for aviation is really needed in today’s often hostile environment. Here’s folks appreciating aviation in the true spirit that all of us feel–passion. We need a way to spark kid’s to become tomorrow aviators and help GA grow again. Wonderful endeavor.

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