The ‘Haunted Flying Tour’ Facts and Figures

Great news! Right now we have 27 aircraft (48 people) registered to participate in our Haunted Flying Tour.

Ladies are coming from far and wide, and a few men to boot! Incredibly, 19 states are represented: MI, OH, AZ, PA, OK, TX, LA, CO, MD, IN, MS, LA, WI, IL, ID, FL, CA, KS, NY and Ontario!

And best yet, the list of taildraggers and nosewheel aircraft they’ll be flying are spectacular; a Pitts S1-T, Supercubs, RV6, RV7, RV8, Champs, Rans S7, Harmon Rocket, Decathlon, Maule, Thorp T-18, Scout, C180, Stinson 108, Globe Swift, Luscombe Silveraire, Cherokee Archer, C182, C172, C210, and a Cardinal. It’s an awesome line up!

If you fly along with us, this slideshow is a hint of what to expect!

I’ve spent quite a bit time on the phone tweaking the details and one thing I can tell you with certainty, people are excited we are bringing our Flying Tour to their communities! Towns like Jefferson, Mineola, and Stephenville, Texas are happily welcoming us and can’t wait to see their airports filled with airplanes flown in by LLT women pilots. It’s getting exciting!

Beyond that bit of news, I’d like to let you know there’s still time to register for any, or all, of the Haunted Flying Tour.

Haunted Flying Tour Info and Registration

If you decide to fly with us please

  • pack simple emergency food like peanut-butter crackers, powerbars, granola bars, water, in the event we are delayed and (heaven forbid) miss a meal
  • pack not only tie-down ropes but stakes;
  • bring enough cash to pay occasional cab drivers;
  • do not push your fuel range trying to stay with the group – land & refuel as necessary;
  • FYI, for those that miss the Lambert’s Cafe/Sikeston, MO stop, next stop, Walnut Ridge, is a museum only stop and their restaurant is closed
  • I have all registered participant’s phone numbers and will create a Flying Tour text group. Text messages will be our method for updates and communications throughout the tour;
  • Our flying tour is confirmed at each destination for the date(s) published, not before or after. It is possible we will miss some locations due to weather. Progress as possible to each destination on the day scheduled.

Thank you to Julie Thomas who will provide all attendees with a wonderful memento of our trip, a framing quality 8″ x 10″ card stock, titled, with a graphic of our route and space for you to attach your two favorite photos from our flight. Frame-able or display as is.

And thank you to Kelly Jeffries for providing custom LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ pin-on name tags for each of us. Name tags will make meeting so many new people easier for everyone.  Please wear them!

If you ordered the newest, coolest, LadiesLoveTaildraggers tshirt, please pack for a group shot during our haunted flying tour. I have extras so if you’d like one, please order ASAP.

Order LLT “Star” tshirt Here

Hope to see you soon in Indy or during our fun flying adventure!

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