The ladies agree, it was a Fun Friday at AirVenture!!

I’ve been sucked into so much fun at AirVenture I just want to stay and hang out forever. I know that’s not gonna happen. I know come Monday scads of volunteers will be working their butts off packing up and cleaning up. AirVenture will quickly be transformed back to the usual OSH, a mid-sized, upper mid-west town that’s not all that exciting. But today, tomorrow, and Sunday, this place is heaven on earth for me and all the other aviation enthusiasts encamped here.


We had a spectacular LadiesLoveTaildraggers lunch today. To our benefit, it was cool with a slight misting rain in the a.m. so the Hilton took pity on our group. Instead of our usual outside accommodations, they gave us a spot inside that we quickly took ownership of. We were determined to not be separated, so with a quick arrangement of tables, we became one big circle.


There were 12 ladies today, a much smaller group than our Tuesday lunch, but it was beyond awesome. We met, we each told our stories, and we’re forever connected. Our ratings didn’t matter, the type of aircraft we owned or flew didn’t matter, the number of hours we’d acquired didn’t matter. Our focus was flying…. taildraggers. Many fly a variety of aircraft, nose wheel and tailwheel, but we LOVE our taildraggers!


Sharon Tinkler and I stopped in today to visit Sharon’s good friend Heather Penny of 9/11 fame. Heather, a former F16 pilot, is with Lockhead Martin and is here all week answering questions and instructing visitors in how best to fly Lockheed’s new T50A trainer simulator. The T50A replaces the aging T-38 trainer.




Sharon Tinkler, Heather Penny & Judy Birchler posed pretty in front of a Spartan Executive.


The Martin Mars, the world’s largest water bomber with a 200′ wing span, has been showing off all week at AirVenture. Flying water bomb demonstrations, this behemoth seaplane is memorizing the afternoon airshow crowd and increasing the number of visitors to the seaplane base.  Photo of Friday’s Airshow compliments of Diana LeSueur.


Diana LeSueur at book signing; with a few of the women pilots featured in the book “Trailblazers”.


Ooh, ahh, if you love cheap airplane jewelry!


LadiesLoveTaildraggers biggest man fan, Tom Edmondson, with his 15 year old great-great nephew & first time visitor to OSH saying, “Here is what a vintage pilot looks like!”


And after my unexpected recent encounter with Han Solo, Facebook friend Dennis Forster discovered a previous photo of the two of us together — back in my Princess days.


Harry and me plugging along – then and now! Who’s Calista?!!


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