The Ladies First Project

Jill “Raggz” Long 2

Jill “Raggz” Long (above) and Patty Wagstaff (below)

Patty Wagstaff


Here’s a note I received from one of our members, Jill “Raggz” Long. These two ladies have teamed up for a good purpose. Bet you ladies have plenty of stories to tell?!!


“Hi Judy, If you could pass on the word about a project I’m working on with Patty Wagstaff I’d appreciate it.


It’s called the Ladies First Project and our web site is The Ladies First Project.

We’re asking women to send in their humorous stories about flying for possible inclusion in a book whose proceeds will hopefully return enough for us to start scholarships.

Any push you could give we’d greatly appreciate. We’re working on a formal launch in the next few weeks through some of the flying magazines.”

Blue skies,

Jill “Raggz” Long


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